How Can Your MSSP Lead With Its Brand?

As the overall MSSP market grows, the number of competing MSSPs grows as well. With more MSSPs emerging, it is essential for MSSPs to develop a strong brand to differentiate from their competition. Once an MSSP’s brand is solid, the next step is to lead with that brand in all communications with customers. Leading with your brand will not only differentiate you from your competitors, but also create stickiness and loyalty within your customer base.

Showcase your brand often

Author: Chloe Sabo,
Author: Chloe Sabo, associate product manager, WatchGuard

The consistent inclusion of brand images, service marks, icons, and contact info in emails, web pages and reports is essential to creating the recognition and stickiness with your customer base. Repeat usage of brand images reminds the customer of the services your MSSP is providing and helps build trust.

Communicating with your brand should also be done often. A daily or weekly email with brand images included is a great way of reminding the customer of the value you are providing while simultaneously increasing your mindshare amongst your clients. Finding spaces to include your brand -  from reports, to emails, to login pages - is a key part of creating the necessary brand awareness to stand out amongst the competition.

Co-branding and white-labeling

One way IT vendors make it simple to lead with your brand is through co-branding or white-labeling. Choosing to white-label your vendor’s services and communications as your own is a fantastic way to lead with your brand and increase brand awareness in the market. By white-labeling the services of your IT vendors, you can showcase your company’s offerings, all behind the strong brand that your customers trust. White-labeling the services of your IT vendor providers your clients with a cohesive message on the value of your services, all backed and delivered by your brand.

An additional benefit to white-labeling your IT vendor’s services is the gained time and resources that may have otherwise been spent developing some of these services in-house. An alternative use of those resources could be commissioning a talented graphic artist to assist you in designing your brand images. A well-designed logo will only serve to amplify your brand’s message further.

How can a security partner like WatchGuard help you lead with your brand?

WatchGuard Cloud’s custom branding feature allows you to brand some of the WatchGuard Cloud services as your own in order to communicate with users. Custom branding feature allows for the customization of logos, images, and contact information that appear in emails, reports, and identity portals. As an MSSP, you can upload one set of branding at the Service Provider level, and all the accounts you manage will automatically inherit the branding that you configured. Alternatively, if you choose to customize an individual account, you can also apply branding at each subscriber level as well. These flexible options allow for complete customization of your communications with your clients.

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Author Chloe Sabo is associate product manager at WatchGuard. Read more WatchGuard guest blogs here.