Improving Managed User Experience with Network Monitoring and Automated Incident Management

Today, digital innovation initiatives and superior user experience are imperative to business success and service profitability. For businesses to offer a first-class digital experience for employees and users, it is necessary to implement advanced hybrid network infrastructure security and performance solutions to protect the enterprise network from unwanted disturbances and data breaches.

In this highly distributed digital world, the number of remote devices that can be used to exploit enterprise networks makes network monitoring and incident response an imperative aspect of maintaining security. As their networks grow more complex, organizations are realizing that they must deploy security-driven networking strategies to maintain visibility, secure connectivity, and achieve a level of performance that is integral to attaining critical business goals. However, most organizations do not have an effective incident response plan in place, increasing their potential for experiencing a breach.

The Case for Network Monitoring and Automated Incident Management

In order to effectively mitigate the risks brought on by the proliferation of remote devices, network monitoring solutions must be employed and integrated into an incident response plan. With continuous monitoring capabilities, organizations will be better positioned to spot potential issues before they have a chance to impact the enterprise network.

Coupling network monitoring with automated incident management has become necessary in securing modern, disparate network environments. Automated incident management provides organizations with the confidence that the information gathered through network monitoring processes will be used effectively to thwart oncoming attacks. This is done through a system of AI-powered threat intelligence checks and balances that assure both known and unknown threats are identified and mitigated appropriately.

How Fortinet and Panopta are Helping Partners Improve the Customer Experience

Fortinet's recent acquisition of Panopta has allowed for the creation of the most comprehensive, cloud-based network and security operations management solution for enterprises and service providers alike. Panopta's scalable network monitoring and diagnostics platform complements the best-in-class security offerings provided by the Fortinet Security Fabric and enables full visibility into your tech stack. This enhanced visibility coupled with automated remediation capabilities benefits customers operating within hybrid environments by providing greater overall security and business efficiency across the entire network infrastructure.

This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution delivers visibility into every service, network device, and application in any deployment. It also optimizes cloud security services and SASE, whether in containers, cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. Finally, Panopta's platform helps ensure Fortinet customers maintain high-performing networks, secured through automated NetSec Ops and allows for rapid deployment, simple management and continuous delivery of new functionality and innovation.

Coupled with Fortinet's Security Fabric, this network monitoring and diagnostics platform offers partners the following benefits:

Unification of NOC and SOC Strategies to Enable IT Operation and Orchestration

Unified monitoring and automated incident management capabilities reduce response and resolution times for network operations center (NOC) and security operations center (SOC) teams. Additionally, Panopta's role-based access control solution delivers a granular governance layer between customers, and also within the NOC and SOC. These capabilities allow for IT synchronization and ease of orchestration so that MSSPs can ensure the proactive diagnosis of network health incidents in real-time.

Reduction in the Time Between Incident Identification and Resolution

In the current remote workforce environment, the end-user experience is impacted by the availability, performance, security, and quality of an application and its corresponding elements. Latency between incident identification and resolution is not an option for modern enterprise customers who are at regular risk for a breach. Through the use of digital experience monitoring (DEM) capabilities, Panopta's solution analyzes both network health metrics and application performance to identify vulnerabilities or threats that may impact user access and enables rapid, automated remediation to ensure network protection.

Ease of Integration for MSSPs

Another first-class service offering that highlights Fortinet's ongoing commitment to its esteemed partners, Panopta's partner-friendly platform empowers MSSPs and partners to easily integrate the multi-tenant solution into their own offering to rapidly add value for the end-user. Fully configurable workflows are paired with out-of-the-box integrations that allow MSSPs to easily connect with third-party enterprise and modern communication tools. Further, through Panopta's holistic IT monitoring and incident management platform, providers can manage customers at scale. Service providers are also offered the option of white labeling this partner-friendly solution to boost brand visibility and client loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Today's remote work environments highlight the need for application availability, performance, security, and quality in driving a profitable end-user experience. With Fortinet and Panopta, partners and MSSPs can help customers achieve efficient network health analysis, threat identification, and rapid automated threat remediation. This acquisition allows partners to further improve customers' hybrid infrastructure security and performance - no matter the configuration.

Armed with the enhanced NOC and SOC orchestration, proactive monitoring and triage, and role-based access control capabilities facilitated through Panopta-powered network monitoring and incident response management and the Fortinet Security Fabric, service providers can help customers achieve the security-driven networking capabilities necessary to drive digital innovations and business success.

Guest blog courtesy of Fortinet. Read more Fortinet blogs here.