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The Impact of New SEC Compliance Rules

Continuous compliance

Under the new rules, publicly traded companies must disclose security breaches within four business days. The change isn't isolated to Fortune 500 companies. Even if you serve small and medium-sized (SMBs), don't expect to stay untouched. Get ready to adapt your security practices to meet the heightened needs of your SMB clients, too. 

A big economic shift is coming as publicly traded companies get on board and expect no less from their supply chain partners who will all sense the push to tighten up their cybersecurity practices and controls to cut down on their risk. The most important thing you should know going into this year is that solving compliance challenges with siloed patching and scanning tools is a productivity black hole.  

Imagine your most talented, overworked Security Engineer trapped in a never-ending cycle: 

  • Battling complex configurations for separate patching and vulnerability scanning tools
  • Stuck in training and onboarding for disparate systems, draining their time and energy
  • Engaged in endless back-and-forth between SecOps and ITOps over patching and remediation, leading to frustrations and delays

This time loss isn’t just exclusive to MSPs and MSSPs, as organizations everywhere are feeling the pinch of siloed teams and security tools, it’s a global IT pain point.  

How to Deepen Client Relationships and Loyalty as a Trusted Advisor 

Fragmented systems create security blind spots, leaving vulnerabilities undetected and policies unenforced. The natural result? Increased security incidents, causing reputational damage and leading to financial losses. Frequent disruptions and breaches erode trust, leading to churning clients.  

And then there’s compliance. Managing siloed systems makes meeting these evolving regulations complex and time-consuming. Proving compliance becomes a costly burden, draining resources and exposing you to potential penalties. This doesn't have to be a burden but an opportunity to add on some extra services that won't be a taxing line item for you, but rather be a differentiator in a competitive market. 

Your skill and security are the foundation of customer confidence. 

And they also present a lucrative opportunity: 

  • Deeper Client Relationships. When you take a proactive approach to endpoint security, you position yourself as a trusted advisor, not just a service provider. 
  • New Revenue Streams. Offering comprehensive endpoint management and security solutions reveals new income channels and differentiates yourself from competitors. 
  • Scalability Potential. Automation allows you to manage more clients efficiently, multiplying your revenue potential without ballooning your team size. 

Put simply, automation is the sustainable way to keep up with new growth.  

Scale your Business in a Dynamic Market 

Are you juggling multiple management and security tools, struggling to keep up with vulnerabilities, and feeling stretched thin by manual tasks? You're not alone. Most MSPs face similar challenges, leaving them vulnerable to threats and struggling to scale in an easier way that makes sense. 

But what if you could: 

  • Proactively identify and mitigate security risks before they turn into breaches
  • Simplify endpoint management with automation and free up your team for strategic work
  • Reduce platform complexity and streamline operations for improved efficiency
  • Offer valuable compliance tools and advanced security services to differentiate your offerings
  • Scale your revenue by offering more services without adding headcount

Check out the newest way Syxsense is helping MSPs and MSSPs become the differentiator by automating endpoint configuration profiles, simplifying management and letting security policies silently protect their clients. Syxsense offers a webinar on How MSPs/MSSPs Can Comply and Thrive with Automated Remediation 

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