What Is Tycoon Ransomware? BlackBerry, KPMG Provide Answers

Tycoon is a multi-platform Java ransomware targeting Windows® and Linux® that has been observed in-the-wild since at least December 2019. It is deployed in the form of a Trojanized Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and leverages an obscure Java image format to fly under the radar.

The threat actors behind Tycoon were observed using highly targeted delivery mechanisms to infiltrate small to medium sized companies and institutions in education and software industries, where they would proceed to encrypt file servers and demand a ransom. However, due to the reuse of a common RSA private key it may be possible to recover data without the need for payment in earlier variants.

The BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team in partnership with KPMG’s UK Cyber Response Services recently unearthed a new ransomware strain written in Java.

For complete details, check out this Tycoon ransomware analysis blog from BlackBerry and KPMG.

Guest blog courtesy of BlackBerry Cylance. Read more BlackBerry Cylance blogs here.