The Cyentia Institute has added cyber risk community data from its Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS) series to the Axio Axio360 cyber risk management platform, according to the companies.

IRIS uses data from historical incidents to provide cyber risk frequency and losses estimates, Cyentia said.

Meanwhile, Axio360 customers can use Cyentia's data to generate "the most accurate and defensible cyber risk quantifications," the companies indicated.

Axio360 Drives Cybersecurity Management

Organizations can use Axio360's financial and security controls to evaluate and transfer risk capital, Axio stated. Axio360 helps organizations identify high-risk areas and decisions. It enables organizations to take a programmatic approach to cybersecurity management so that they can mitigate cyber risks before they escalate.

Axio360 also provides features that organizations can use to assess, manage and plan cybersecurity improvements, Axio noted. They can utilize these features to quantify cyber threat scenarios beyond the financial impact of a data breach.

Axio Introduces Cyber-Physical Attack Solution

The Cyentia partnership comes after Axio in July 2023 showcased a cyber-physical attack solution at the Lloyd's Lab 10th Cohort, a 10-week incubator program for the insurance industry.

Critical infrastructure organizations can use Axio's cyber-physical attack quantification solution to understand their risk of suffering cyber-physical damage, the company said. The solution provides insights into security gaps to help these organizations purchase the right cyber insurance coverages.

Axio Delivers Cyber Risk Economics

Axio360 performs a multifaceted analysis of their cybersecurity posture, Axio indicated. The platform lets organizations connect their cybersecurity policies and investments to their strategic priorities. In doing so, organizations can perform risk-based assessments, understand real world risk scenarios and embed cyber risk economics into their IT and workflow systems.

Along with Axio360, Axio provides professional services, instructor-led training, online courses and hands-on labs. Axio also offers a partner program for MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers.