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BlackBerry Delivers Generative AI Cybersecurity Assistant

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BlackBerry will provide security operations center (SOC) teams with a cybersecurity assistant that uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze cyber threats, according to the company.

The assistant, which will initially be released to a select group of Cylance AI customers, leverages private large language models (LLMs) to predict users' security needs, BlackBerry noted.

Going Beyond the Chatbot Experience

With BlackBerry's cybersecurity assistant, SOC teams can modernize their operations and find ways to stay ahead of cybercriminals, the company said.

The assistant is integrated into the Cylance Console and produces a natural workflow in lieu of a chatbot experience, BlackBerry indicated. It eliminates the need to manually ask questions to generate security insights.

Furthermore, the assistant compresses the time it takes to conduct security research from hours to seconds. As such, SOC teams can use the assistant to keep pace with evolving threats, overcome resource constraints and address other security challenges.

"This new solution will enable our customers to modernize their SOC operations helping them to stay a step ahead of the adversary," said Nathan Jenniges, senior vice president and general manager of BlackBerry's Cybersecurity Business Unit. "It will be invaluable to CISOs in overcoming the challenges they face, including an evolving threat landscape and resource constraints."

Opswat and BlackBerry Join Forces for Predictive Security

The generative AI cybersecurity assistant announcement comes after Opswat in September 2023 integrated its MetaDefender cloud security platform into Cylance AI.

Organizations can use MetaDefender and Cylance AI's capabilities to predict and mitigate threats across their internet of things (IoT) endpoints, the companies said. They can also leverage a risk scoring engine to discover and classify malware and generate threat intelligence.

BlackBerry Prioritizes AI for Cybersecurity

As of October 2023, BlackBerry has more than five times the AI and ML patents than its competitors, the company stated. In addition, BlackBerry was one of the first signatories of Canada's voluntary Code of Conduct, which focuses on the responsible development and management of advanced generative AI systems.

BlackBerry continues to explore opportunities to integrate AI across its product portfolio. The company may showcase further AI innovations at the BlackBerry Summit, which takes place October 17 in New York City.

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