Blackpoint Cyber, a security operations and incident response provider, has launched the MSP Protect program to help MSPs secure their internal networks.

The MSP Protect program provides MSPs with access to Blackpoint's SNAP-Defense cybersecurity operations platform and managed detection and response (MDR) security service, the company said. In doing so, the program ensures that MSPs can quickly identify and address suspicious activity across their networks.

Cybercriminals Increasingly Target MSPs

The MSP Protect program announcement comes after several recent ransomware attacks affected MSPs, including:

  • Insynq: Experienced a ransomware attack that rendered data on some of its servers inaccessible.
  • VismaExperienced a ransomware attack that allowed cybercriminals to infiltrate the company's network.
  • Data ResolutionExperienced a Ryuk ransomware attack.

There are many ways that MSPs can guard against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats, including:

New tools are becoming available to help MSPs combat cyber attacks, too.

For example, New Zealand-based security provider Emsisoft recently released a decryptor for Stop (Djvu) ransomware. The decryptor helps Stop victims recover their files after a ransomware attack.