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Cyber Insurance Company Cowbell Cyber Unveils MSSP Partner Program


Cowbell Cyber, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence-based cyber insurance, has extended its Connect partner program to MSSPs. Connect enables MSSPs' customers to engage with Cowbell's network of 6,000 appointed cyber insurance agents and brokers, according to the company.

MSSPs can join Connect to access the same risk intelligence as cyber insurance underwriters, Cowbell stated. That way, MSSPs can use this intelligence to uncover ways to help their customers improve their risk profile.

Furthermore, Connect MSSP partners can access their customers' Cowbell Factors for risk quantification and industry peer benchmarking, Cowbell indicated. They also can use Cowbell Insights to gain insights into customers' risks and explore ways to mitigate any exposed security weaknesses.

A Closer Look at Cowbell's Continuous Underwriting Platform

Cowbell provides cyber insurance to organizations with up to $1 billion in revenue. And, it offers a continuous underwriting platform that compresses the insurance process from submission to issue to less than 5 minutes, the company said.

With Cowbell's platform, organizations can leverage inside-out and outside-in data, a library of insurable threats and AI to develop risk scores, the company noted. Then, they can use these insights to quantify their cyber insurance needs.

In addition, Cowbell's platform continuously evaluates an organization's security posture, the company indicated. The platform provides ongoing insights, so an organization can update its cyber insurance coverages over time.

Introducing Cowbell Cyber Prime Plus

The extension of Cowbell's Connect program to MSSPs comes after the cyber insurer in January 2021 announced its Prime Plus excess cyber coverage line. Prime Plus ensures organizations that have up to $1 billion in revenue can access an additional $10 million in excess limits, the company stated.

Cowbell is one of several companies to make cyber insurance moves to assist MSSPs. Others to do so include DataStream, Coalition and SentinelOne.

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