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Cylance Launches Axiom Alliances Program for MSSPs, Tech Providers

Cylance, which specializes in artificial intelligence-based threat detection solutions, has launched the Axiom Alliances Program for MSSPs and other technology providers. The effort surfaces as Cylance prepares to meet partners and customers at RSA Conference 2018, starting April 16 in San Francisco.

The Axiom Alliances Program now enables technology providers to leverage Cylance application programming interfaces (APIs) to uncover emerging threats in real-time from within their existing systems, according to a prepared statement.

The Axiom Alliances Program includes a community of cybersecurity solution providers that use AI to deliver security controls, Cylance indicated.

Axiom Alliance partners can help minimize an organization's attack surface and speed up response to cyber threats across on-premises, hosted or public cloud environments and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, according to Cylance. That way, Axiom Alliance partners enable customers to quickly identify and address endpoint threats.

In addition, the Axiom Alliances Program features four segments:

  • Technology Alliances: Enable technology vendors to leverage the CylancePROTECT endpoint protection solution to prevent advanced persistent threats and malware from executing on an organization's endpoints.
  • OEM Partners: Allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to incorporate Cylance technology into their security products.
  • Assurance Alliances: Help law firms and cyber insurance carriers and brokers leverage Cylance technology to reduce risk for their customers.
  • Global Alliances: Empower MSSPs, managed service providers (MSPs) and systems integrators (SIs) to use Cylance technology to reduce security alerts and eliminate ransomware.

The Axiom Alliances Program already includes the following technology providers:

Axiom Alliance partners can integrate CylancePROTECT today. Plus, Cylance plans to launch a CylanceOPTICS endpoint detection and response (EDR) integration this summer.


CylancePROTECT can recognize and protect organizations against threats that would not appear in the wild for another 33 months, according to a malware response test performed by SE Labs. The test also showed CylancePROTECT had an average predictive advantage of 25 months; predictive advantage is an SE Labs measurement used to evaluate the time difference between the creation of an AI model being tested and the first time a threat is identified.

MSSPs can partner with Cylance to offer CylancePROTECT to customers. CylancePROTECT leverages AI, algorithmic science and machine learning to provide pre-execution attack prevention that is 99.9 percent effective, Cylance said. Furthermore, CylancePROTECT helps reduce event alerts, resource consumption and the expenses associated with system downtime.

Meanwhile, Cylance continues to extend its channel reach. Cylance's channel network now includes more than 4,000 partner and distributor sellers, and the company today serves more than 3,800 enterprise customers worldwide.

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