F-Secure, a Finnish cybersecurity solutions provider, has announced plans to acquire MWR InfoSecurity for an undisclosed sum. The MWR acquisition makes F-Secure the largest European provider of cybersecurity services and detection and response solutions, the company claims.

With the acquisition, F-Secure will integrate MWR's Phish'd managed phishing protection services and Countercept threat hunting platform into its portfolio, the company said. F-Secure also will add nearly 400 MWR employees to its team.

Founded in 2003, MWR is a research-led MSSP. It offers a variety of managed security services, including:

  • Countercept: Delivers cyberattack detection and response.
  • Phish'd: Teaches employees how to identify and respond to phishing attacks.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: Include wireless scanning, PCI assessments, web app scanning and other managed auditing and scanning services.

MWR has posted €31.1 million (approximately $36 million) in total revenue according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) over the past 12 months, up 24 percent year over year. Meanwhile, the MWR acquisition could help F-Secure accelerate its growth, CEO Samu Konttinen stated.

Together, MWR and F-Secure will have hundreds of cybersecurity consultants on staff, the companies indicated. These consultants will work with organizations and perform cybersecurity simulations, analyze cyber threats and upgrade F-Secure's portfolio to help customers address advanced cyberattacks.

What Is F-Secure?

F-Secure was established in 1988 and provides endpoint detection, protection and response solutions to consumers and businesses around the world. The F-Secure cybersecurity solutions portfolio includes:

  • Cloud Protection for Salesforce: Offers Salesforce reporting, security analytics and audit trails.
  • Internet Gatekeeper: Delivers real-time protection from malware and other harmful content in email, files and URLs.
  • Messaging Security Gateway: Blocks unwanted and harmful messages and eliminates the possibility of data leakage.
  • Radar: Allows users to identify and manage both internal and external threats, report risks and maintain compliance with industry regulations.
  • Software Updater: Scans computers for missing software updates and keeps Windows and third-party applications up to date and patched from vulnerabilities.

F-Secure's total revenues reached €169.7 million (approximately $158.3 million) in 2017, which represented a 7 percent year-over-year increase. In addition, F-Secure has projected its corporate security revenues will increase over 15 percent and its consumer security revenues will remain the same year over year in 2018.