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Google Cloud Adds Machine Learning, Packet Mirroring for Network Security

Google Cloud has introduced network security capabilities to help organizations protect their users, data and applications in the cloud. The news comes after Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week launched its AWS Network Firewall managed security service.

The new Google network security capabilities include:

1. Cloud Armor Adaptive Protection: Google Cloud launched Cloud Armor Adaptive Protection technology that leverages machine learning to solve security challenges and protect organizations against Layer 7 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Adaptive Protection analyzes security signals for web services to detect cyberattacks against web apps and services, the company noted.

2. Firewall Insights: Google Cloud unveiled Firewall Insights, a Network Intelligence Center module that provides visibility into firewall usage and detects firewall configuration issues. Firewall Insights allows organizations to integrate firewall insights and metrics into the Google Cloud Console for the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) firewall, so they can quickly identify and address cyberattacks, Google stated.

3. Hierarchical Firewall Policies: Google Cloud now offers hierarchical firewall policies, which enable security administrators to manage firewall policies at the organization and folder levels. Hierarchical firewall policies empower security administrators to define and deploy consistent firewall rules and establish hierarchical firewalls to enforce firewall rules at the organization and folder levels, Google Cloud indicated.

4. Packet Mirroring: Google Cloud announced Packet Mirroring, a service that allows users to mirror network traffic from VPCs to third-party network inspection services. Packet Mirroring enables users to leverage third-party tools to collect and inspect network traffic across workloads running in Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the company said.

Along with its network security updates, Google Cloud announced the beta release of Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus earlier this year. Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus includes security products and services designed to protect users' Internet-facing applications against cyberattacks.

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