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GTT Launches Managed DDoS Attack Mitigation Service


MSSPs last year witnessed the largest DDoS attack to date. It took down giant sites like Netflix, CNN, Reddit, and Twitter. That's not to be confused with the coding error that took down the other half of the Internet down earlier this year.

Why are DDoS attacks seemingly getting worse?  Growing use of IoT devices like IP cameras, DVR's, smart speakers, and more certainly plays a role in the problem.

Indeed, unsecured IoT devices spread throughout the world left a plethora of Internet connections for attackers to hijack and utilize in their attacks. The more connections available for a DDoS attack, the more the attack will overwhelm the target device and have a greater chance of success.

GTT Mitigates DDoS Attacks

Amid those market realities, GTT Communications has just announced the launch of its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation service, which is part of the company’s Managed Security suite. In order to provide this new service, GTT utilizes Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System. This allows the DDoS Mitigation service to detect and deflect attack traffic, while still allowing clean traffic through to the affected organization in real-time, the companies say.

Companies can choose between an always-on option for clients who need proactive and immediate protection or an on-demand solution for those who want to turn the service on and off at their discretion. The pricing for the service is based on traffic volume, and GTT provides stringent response time SLAs.

This type of protection will be especially important for companies providing SaaS solutions. If your customers can't access a SaaS service that you manage, they could lose confidence in your ability to service their needs.

GTT, a Tier 1 IP network provider, is in growth mode. The company's revenues hit $182.4 million in Q1 2017, up 46.6 percent vs. Q1 2016, GTT announced earlier this month.

In addition to the DDoS attack mitigation service, GTT recently unveiled a managed SD-WAN service that leverages VeloCloud’s Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN technology.