Informatica has availed its Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform to state and local governments, the cloud data management company announced November 1 at the Informatica World Tour in Washington, D.C.

Protecting Sensitive Data

As government entities experience how digital transformation can help them better serve citizens, all levels of government require trusted data to digitize their day-to-day operations, Informatica asserts. Accordingly, they must integrate disparate, legacy data sources, such as demographic and census data, motor vehicle information and municipal records, into a single, trusted enterprise view.

Jitesh Ghai, Informatica chief product officer, explained the intent behind the IDMC platform:

"The passage of new infrastructure spending legislation in the United States requires state and local agencies to ensure that taxpayer money is responsibly budgeted, allocated, tracked and audited. With complex projects, such as highway and bridge repair, smart cities and traffic control, organizations need solutions to aggregate, clean, catalog, govern and master their data. State and local agencies can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of social program implementation by powering real-time, decision-making with fit-for-purpose data."

A Closer Look at the IDMC Platform

Informatica notes that the IDMC platform currently processes more than 44 trillion transactions on the cloud each month. It is designed to help state and local government agencies deliver timely and efficient public services, offering:

  • Enhanced digital citizen experiences. IDMC provides a 360-degree view of citizen information, which unifies data across different departments and agencies. This helps increase access to consistent, trusted information, allowing workers to provide faster and more reliable and comprehensive services while reducing the risk of fraud, threat and misuse of data.
  • Crisis response and recovery. IDMC improves visibility across agencies and enhances collaboration and real-time analysis by delivering actionable data that improves situational awareness
  • Increased cybersecurity, privacy, compliance. IDMC supports compliance with the CCPA, and is certified for SOC2, TX-RAMP and FedRAMP, and offers unified governance and privacy solutions to automate discovery and protect citizens' data. The platform complies with regulations while enabling safe data democratization, consumption and responsible use.