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IRONSCALES Protects Against “Quishing” Attacks

Phishing attack enlists malicious QR codes, bogus Microsoft security alerts

IRONSCALES, a cloud email security platform provider, has debuted its "Fall '23 Release," which offers enhancements to help organizations protect against QR code phishing (quishing) and other email attacks, according to the company.

In addition, the Fall '23 Release includes Autonomous Campaigns that enable security administrators to automate phishing simulation testing campaigns, IRONSCALES noted.

What IRONSCALES' Fall '23 Release Means for MSSPs

Phishing threats continue to increase in complexity, severity and frequency, IRONSCALES CEO Eyal Benishti told MSSP Alert. As such, it is important for organizations to provide their employees with skills, knowledge and tools to protect against these threats and many others.

With the Fall '23 Release, Benishti said that MSSPs can empower every employee to assist in the battle against cyber threats.

“By empowering every employee to assist in the battle against cyber threats, IRSONCALES is working to alleviate the workload of security teams, lessening the burden placed on MSSPs," Benishti said. "By handling threat detection and creating top-of-line employee training, MSSPs can spend less time on routine incident response and tedious reporting, and more time providing the services and support their customers need most.”

Cybercriminals Are Increasingly Using Images in Their Phishing Attacks

Between the first and third quarters of 2023, there was a 215% increase in the volume of phishing emails that used images, IRONSCALES data analysts reported.

Now, with its Fall '23 Release, IRONSCALES combines behavioral analysis with optical character recognition (OCR), deep-text and image processing and natural language models, the company said. In doing so, the release provides organizations with multi-modal protection against image-based phishing threats.

IRONSCALES Simplifies Phishing Simulation Testing

Organizations can use the Fall '23 Release to eliminate "the time-consuming task imposed on IT and security teams of creating timely and relevant simulation campaigns," IRONSCALES said.

The Fall '23 Release's Autonomous Campaigns allows organizations to skip the manual setup process and put their phishing simulation testing on autopilot, IRONSCALES said. Organizations can run phishing simulations based on real world examples of email attacks and choose the months they want to be automated. From here, IRONSCALES crafts and initiates simulations and shares the results.

IRONSCALES Offers Simulation Testing Metrics

The Fall '23 Release provides enhanced metrics and a summary of simulation testing campaign results, IRONSCALES indicated. Organizations can use this information to see how they stack up against industry benchmarks, identify security training gaps and find ways to guard against email attacks.

IRONSCALES' cloud email security platform blends AI with human insights to help organizations stop phishing and other email attacks. The platform is used by more than 10,000 organizations globally.

IRONSCALES also offers the @SCALE channel partner program, which allows MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers to integrate this platform into their portfolios.

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