Information Services Group (ISG) and CYE are partnering with the aim of lowering the risk of cyber threats across a variety of industries, including, financial, healthcare, technology, manufacturing and insurance.

Companies Combine Military and Government Cyber Expertise

Reuven Aronashvili, CEO and Founder of CYE, a cybersecurity optimization platform specialist, explained the motivation behind the partnership with ISG:

"This partnership will enable organizations to make strategic and operational decisions and optimize security investments. CYE's technology and expertise in military, intelligence and governmental security paired with ISG's significant real-word security experience from within federal, state and local frameworks, is a winning combination for CISOs, which allows them to gain a clear and accurate picture of their current posture, quantify risks, optimize their cyber budget spend and increase their resilience."

Likewise, ISG founder and CEO Bob Henderrson is looking forward to the partnership:

"ISG is excited to leverage our security leadership relationships around the world, to introduce CYE's industry-leading data analytics SaaS platform, Hyver. Hyver turns security data into business insights to optimize the reduction of cyber risk exposure. CYE's military grade, nation state human capital along with ISG's intelligence, law enforcement and forensics background are a perfect fit. We look forward to bringing our customers the most advanced cybersecurity technology available, working collaboratively with the CYE team, as we continue to deliver value to our clients as a trusted advisor."

ISG Partners with cyberconIQ

In move to address the “human side” of cybersecurity, ISG is partnering with cyberconIQ, a cybersecurity platform and advisory company, MSSP Alert reported on September 19. The partnership enabled ISG to offer its clients the capabilities of cyberconIQ’s Human Defense Platform, a SaaS-based solution that helps mitigate the human factors that create cyber risk.

In turn, cyberconIQ offer its customers access to the full range of ISG’s cybersecurity services.