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Lookout SAIL Leverages Gen AI to Produce Mobile Security Assistant

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Lookout Security has launched Lookout SAIL, the company’s new generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) assistant that enables users to ask questions, address onboarding issues and perform desired actions, the mobile security provider announced.

How SAIL Works

Here are SAIL’s gen AI capabilities: (per Lookout)

  • Speeds up onboarding to the Lookout platform, guiding new users through relevant platform features and answering onboarding questions within the chat feature. Users can easily “sail” around the platform to obtain answers, visualize results, and perform desired actions.
    Example: “Help me add a new admin to the system.”
  • Allows users to ask questions about specific tenants and investigate their organization’s security posture.
    Example: “Find high and medium-risk iOS devices that have anti-phishing features enabled.”
  • Equips users with up-to-date industry knowledge on basic and emerging topics.
    Example: “What is the difference between Secure DNS and On-Device VPN?”

Here are SAIL’s primary features:

  • Functionalities focus on security education, platform navigation and security telemetry analysis.
  • Serves as a valuable companion, offering insights and assistance to users, ultimately streamlining tasks such as administration, policy creation, incident response and threat hunting.
  • Allows people to interact naturally with the Lookout platform instead of having to learn from a user manual or guide.
  • Through integration with Lookout's existing platform, it enhances workflow and accelerates user interactions, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness.

Ease of Use for Cyber Defenders

Explaining how the SAIL service is a “force multiplier” for cyber defenders, Aaron Cockerill, Lookout chief strategy officer, said:

“It allows people to interact naturally with the Lookout platform instead of having to learn from a user manual or guide. It’s the start of a journey that fundamentally transforms how people interact with systems and information, touching everything from onboarding to training, as well as cybersecurity tasks like administration, policy creation, incident response, and threat hunting. Think of Lookout SAIL as a helpful companion, providing useful information to the user and taking them directly where they need to be, even performing actions for the user on demand.”

Lookout said that since its founding 15 years ago, it has a history with AI and machine learning. The company has treated mobile cybersecurity and anti-phishing as a big data problem, one that requires machine learning to solve, officials said.

Last month, Lookout researchers unearthed “WyrmSpy” and “DragonEgg,” two spy bugs attributed to the Chinese threat group APT41, that are currently targeting Android-based devices.

D. Howard Kass

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