CI Security, a managed detection and response (MDR), continuous vulnerability identification and information security company, has launched the Critical Insight Rapid Quarantine (CIRQ) active containment solutions to help organizations quickly detect and address cyberattacks.

CIRQ enables organizations to quarantine infected systems after cyber threats are detected, according to CI Security. In doing so, CIRQ helps organizations reduce the time required to detect and respond to cyberattacks.

CIRQ is an optional MDR feature available to CI Security customers. It enables organizations to work with CI Security to analyze and contain cyber threats.

With CIRQ, organizations collaborate with CI Security analysts who help define security parameters for identifying and containing cyberattacks, the company stated. Organizations then have the option to use internal security teams to address cyberattacks or leverage CI Security consultants for incident response and forensics.

A beta version of CIRQ is now available. CI Security also is seeking customers to pilot CIRQ as part of the solutions' beta launch.

CI Security, Ednetics Announce Partnership

In addition to its CIRQ launch, CI Security last month announced a partnership with Ednetics, an education and public sector IT solutions firm. Together, CI Security and Ednetics are delivering MDR services to schools.

The CI Security-Ednetics partnership enables schools to use MDR services to protect their network infrastructure, according to the companies. That way, schools can purchase MDR services via a streamlined procurement process and protect students against cyberattacks.