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Metomic Offers Free Scanning Tool to Know What Sensitive Data is Exposed in Your Google Drive

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Metomic is offering a free cybersecurity tool that scans Google Drive accounts to find sensitive data and information potentially exposed in Google docs and files, the company announced in a prepared statement.

After entering a Gmail address and password, Metomic’s cybersecurity solution will scan the Google Drive connected to the Gmail address. Then, in a matter of seconds, it will generate a risk report for the Google Drive account, the company explained.

The Google Drive Risk Report includes:

  • A risk score that highlights the number of public files in the Google Drive account
  • The number of people with access to the files
  • The number of people that files have been shared with externally
  • A list of files that may require urgent attention, and those identified as potentially including sensitive data

40% at Risk of Exposing Sensitive Data

Metomic notes, that after scanning more five million Google Drive files, it’s Google Drive Risk Report discovered up to 40% were at risk of exposing sensitive data. Once the report is delivered, Metomic deletes all traces of data from its scanner and automatically removes all access to the Google Drive, documents and files within 24 hours.

Explaining the merits of the Google Drive Risk Report, Metomic CEO Rich Vibert said:

“We built our Google Drive Risk Report so that people could see just how much sensitive data is being stored in their Google Drive. It not only gives you a risk score for your Google Drive account, but also identifies your most high-risk files and lists who has access to them. It’s eye-opening once you see the report and realize how much information is in your Google Drive and how many people have access to the files.”

Report Findings “Scary”

Metomic’s data security platform enables businesses to use SaaS applications without the threat of sensitive information being uploaded to the cloud, the company said. By identifying high-risk data within popular SaaS platforms, Metomic removes the risk of critical information being exposed.

Security, IT and compliance teams can have complete visibility into their organization’s SaaS ecosystem, Metomic said. And they are able to protect the business without getting in the way of employees who are simply trying to do their work.

As Vibert explained:

“We wanted to help people realize just how much of their information lives in their Google Drive and show how important it is to secure such sensitive data. It’s scary to see the report findings and realize how much data is in the cloud that you don’t even realize is there and accessible by people you may not even know.”

In February, MSSP Alert reported that Metomic raised a $20 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Evolution Equity Partners with participation from Resonance and Connect Ventures. The investment is intended for the company’s U.S. expansion efforts and research and development initiatives.

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