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MSSP Market News: Pentera is Ransomware Ready

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Each business day MSSP Alert delivers a quick lineup of news, analysis, and chatter from across the MSSP, MSP and cybersecurity world. Today's market news also covers Syxsense, EasyVista, NCC Group, CyCognito, Cequence, IG Technologies, Netwrix, Cytactic, Adobe, Citrix, Ticketmaster and Outpost24.

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Today’s MSSP Alert Market News:

1. Pentera Secures Linux Environments: Pentera, a specialist in automated security validation, has brought to market a major update to RansomwareReady, enabling customers to proactively test the security of their Linux environments. With this addition, Pentera empowers organizations to adopt measures against the world's most pervasive and destructive ransomware strains across Windows and Linux operating systems, the company said.

2. Security Solution for MSPs, MSSPs Offered: Syxsense, an automated endpoint and vulnerability management specialist, has formed a strategic partnership with EasyVista, a global SaaS provider. The collaboration with EasyVista will offer MSPs and MSSPs and large enterprises capabilities to manage and optimize their IT environments. Syxsense's automated endpoint and vulnerability management platform enables IT and security teams to easily manage and secure all their endpoints from a single console, the company said.

3. Security Partnership Debuts: NCC Group has added CyCognito’s technology to its Attack Surface Management (ASM) portfolio to help clients mitigate the risk of critical points of exposure that attackers can most easily exploit. Enabled by CyCognito technology, NCC Group's experts can view an organization’s external facing assets from an attacker’s perspective to continuously map the attack surface and identity potential exploits, helping them to take back control through recommended remediation activities based on what is of highest risk and priority, the company said.

4. API Protection Partnership Launches: Cequence, an API security and bot management provider, is partnering with IG Technologies, a cybersecurity vendor with a presence in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. This collaboration empowers IG Technologies customers to seamlessly integrate with Cequence's Unified API Protection Platform (UAP) to ensure comprehensive defense against attacks, safeguarding APIs on all fronts, the companies said.

5. MSP Cyberattack Research Released: Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor, has released findings for the MSP sector from its annual 2024 Hybrid Security Trends Report, based on a global survey of 1,309 IT and security professionals. It reveals that 76% of MSPs spotted a cyberattack on their infrastructure within the last 12 months, similar to the results among organizations overall (79%). Among those that were attacked, 51% of MSPs had to deal with unplanned expenses to fix the security gaps. Moreover, 31% experienced a loss of competitive edge, and 27% faced compliance fines compared to 20% and 17% across other verticals.

6. Cytactic Scores Funding Round: Cytactic, a platform provider for cyber crisis readiness and management, has received a $16 million seed funding round led by Evolution Equity Partners, a cybersecurity venture capital fund. Cytactic’s platform mitigates the threat of a cyber crisis and helps business leaders prepare and train, as well as comply with growing regulatory requirements and insurer demands, according to Yuval Ben-Itzhak, general partner at Evolution Equity Partners.

7. Adobe, Citrix Security Updates Released: The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced that Adobe released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in its software:

CISA also lists Citrix security updates for multiple products:

8. Ticketmaster Tickets Released in Hack: In an ongoing extortion campaign against Ticketmaster, threat actors have leaked almost 39,000 print-at-home tickets for 150 upcoming concerts and events, including Pearl Jam, Phish, Tate McCrae and Foo Fighters. The tickets were leaked by a threat actor known as "Sp1derHunters," who is selling data stolen in recent data theft attacks from Snowflake accounts. (Source: Bleeping Computer)

9. APT 40 Hacker Alert: A joint advisory from international cybersecurity agencies and law enforcement warns of the tactics used by the Chinese state-sponsored APT 40 hacking group and their hijacking of SOHO routers to launch cyberespionage attacks. APT 40, also known as Kryptonite Panda, GINGHAM TYPHOON, Leviathan, and Bronze Mohawk, has been active since at least 2011 targeting government organizations and key private entities in the US and Australia. (Source: Bleeping Computer)

10. Leadership Move: Outpost24, a provider of cyber risk management and threat intelligence solutions, has appointed Ido Erlichman as CEO. Most recently, he served as CEO at leading digital security company, Kape Technologies.

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