Palo Alto Networks has released its VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) technology on the Azure Marketplace — "delivering end-to-end Zero Trust security at the enterprise edge," according to a prepared statement.

VM-Series virtual firewalls can now extend best-in-class NGFW capabilities to help protect Azure private multi-access edge computing (MEC) applications, providing centralized defense against cyberattacks, the company said. Azure private MEC combines network functions, applications and edge-optimized Azure services managed from the cloud to "deliver high-performance, ultra-low-latency 4G/5G private wireless solutions that address the modern business needs of enterprise customers."

New 5G Capabilities Delivered

Prem Iyer, vice president, Ecosystems GSI and CSP for Palo Alto Networks, explained the purpose of the Azure/VM-Series innovation:

"Our long-standing partner solutions with Azure and our VM-Series virtual firewalls have been protecting customer cloud environments for years. The new VM-Series 5G capabilities enable enterprises to secure mission-critical applications in industry verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and public sector, all of which demand the latest in private wireless network technology."

Palo Alto Networks explained that mobile 5G networks with multi-access edge compute combine AI and cloud technologies to transform enterprises and industries. As such, customers choose this next-generation mobile technology for its security and reliability. However, increasingly sophisticated networks must be safeguarded against a complex and escalating "threatscape."

Blocking Exploits, Malware and More

Palo Alto Networks notes that it’s 5G-Native Security on the VM-Series brings advanced Layer 7 security capabilities. This security factor detects and blocks known exploits, malware, malicious URLs, spyware, and command and control (C2) to 5G-powered edge computing use cases.

In addition, the VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall enables enterprises to achieve comprehensive security for end-user application traffic. Protections traverses the Azure Private 5G Core, securing edge infrastructure and helping detect and mitigate malicious activity within the user traffic.

Palo Alto Networks notes key benefits of the solution as:

  • Faster time to market with a fully tested and validated solution
  • Simpler deployment at scale from the Azure marketplace, facilitating a rapid rollout of NGFWs
  • Predefined configuration templates for comprehensive zero-day security