QuoLab Technologies now offers a multi-tenant security-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides MSSPs with "a holistic view of compromising indicators that affect their client base," according to a prepared statement.

MSSPs can use the platform to conduct threat investigations and manage threat intelligence data, QuoLab said. The platform lets MSSPs identify patterns, common issues and vulnerabilities across customers' IT environments. It also enables end-users to share threat intelligence across their organizations.

QuoLab Extends Government, Commercial Market Reach

The SaaS platform launch comes after QuoLab in April 2022 announced a partnership with B Technology, an MSSP that supports government and commercial organizations.

B Technology is an official reseller of QuoLab's security operations platform (SOP), the companies indicated. The MSSP offers this platform to the U.S. Department of Defense and other members of its customer base.

A Closer Look at QuoLab's Security Operations Platform

QuoLab's SOP blends analytics and workflows to help MSSPs and security operations center (SOC) teams assess, investigate and respond to threats, the company said. The platform offers automated management of threat information, cases and incidents and consolidation of external threat intelligence feeds, information silos, security tools and ad-hoc data operations into a single environment.

Meanwhile, three versions of QuoLab's SOP are available:

  • QuoLab Investigate lets end-users investigate threats, contextualize and visualize data and produce reports.
  • QuoLab Enterprise offers the same features as QuoLab Investigate, along with QuoLab's Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR).
  • QuoLab Ultimate provides the same features as QuoLab Enterprise and expands them to support large-scale, high-volume and multi-node environments.

QuoLab offers a partner program that allows MSSPs to leverage its SOP. To date, QuoLab has announced nine product integration partnerships.