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Revelstoke Builds SOAR Partner Program With MSSPs In Mind

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Revelstoke, a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) company, has expanded partnerships with its community of value-added resellers (VARs) and security service and alliance partners.

The Revelstoke Express Partner Program is “devoid of complex go-to-market barriers and pages and pages of legalese,” the company said in a prepared statement. Accordingly, the program is designed to help Revelstoke partners generate revenue and better serve the needs of their customers.

Claudia Slane, Revelstoke's senior director of Alliances/Channel, told MSSP Alert how the Revelstoke Express Partner Program was built with MSSPs in mind:

"Our goal was to create a radically simple program for MSSPs and VARs to use. Because Revelstoke's products can integrate with almost any product on the market, we knew that box was checked, but we still needed to make sure the partner program itself was just as simple and easy to understand as the product. We focused on, quite simply, delivering high margins to MSSPs and VARs. We want service providers and resellers to look at both the product and the program and say, 'that was radically simple.'"

Next-Gen SOAR Capabilities

Revelstoke offers chief information security officers (CISOs) and security analysts a next-generation SOAR solution built on a unified data layer, the company said. Toward such outcomes, Revelstoke SOAR:

  • Automates analysis
  • Eliminates software development needs
  • Optimizes workflows
  • Prevents vendor lock
  • Scales processes
  • Quickly and effectively allows analysts to get to the root of incidents

Slane explained how Revelstoke’s synergy between the SOAR platform and its platform:

"Our product is different from every other SOAR platform, so we thought our partner program should be as well. It should offer large profits and high margins. We want partners who will promote Revelstoke with heart, collaborate with us, and understand the value that we are offering to a market thirsty for a SOAR solution that makes the jobs of security analysts easier and more effective."

The Bigger Picture

Revelstoke offers partners a dedicated regional channel and marketing resource, lead sharing from its marketing and sales and efforts, and marketing funds to support proposals on a case-by-case basis.

Offering a testimonial, Shaq Khan, CEO and founder of information security company Fortifire, said:

“It is nearly unanimous that all of our clients face the same predicament — too many threats, too few security analysts and too many technology integrations. Revelstoke increases contextual intelligence with a solution steeped in automation that makes the lives of SOC analysts easier, their jobs more efficient, and their agile access to best-of-breed cybersecurity technologies seamless.”

Revelstoke asserts that it tackles the day-to-day challenges faced in today's security operations centers (SOCs) by:

  • Balancing Need for Automation and Customization. CISOs and SOC analysts still require the ability to customize integrations. Revelstoke's no-code/low-code solution allows CISOs to automate what they want but provides the flexibility to customize when desired.
  • Vendor Lock. Every technology product has a shelf-life, and CISOs should be free to deploy new technologies without the fear of downtime and budget-busting integration costs. Revelstoke's patent-pending Unified Data Layer connects to almost any API.
  • Staffing Shortages. Revelstoke is built differently with a unified data layer that eliminates nearly all coding requirements and creates the flexibility to integrate anything and automate everything.
  • Firehose of Data and Unlimited Threats. Cloud-native architecture delivers extreme scalability and enhanced flexibility. Machine learning provides the needed processing power to build powerful automated models for various aspects of the system (playbooks, verdicts, etc.).
  • Inconsistent Processes Across the Enterprise. No-code/low-code playbooks automate information gathering, escalations, closures, and postmortem reporting to improve workflow efficiency and reduce caseload.
  • Quantifying Impact. Actionable, real-time insight empowers the entire team, from the SOC analyst to the CISO, with the information needed to make smarter decisions. Dashboards measure security team impact in quantifiable terms, including time savings delivered by automation and cost savings for specific workflows.
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