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RSA Unveils AI-Based Threat Detection Solution

RSA has announced NetWitness Detect AI, a SaaS analytics and machine learning solution that provides threat detection and insights on data captured via the NetWitness Platform.

The launch comes roughly five months after Symphony Technology Group (STG) acquired RSA from Dell Technologies for $2.08 billion. Under STG's ownership, RSA is focused on three business segments:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Security

NetWitness Detect AI certainly aligns with those priorities. Positioned as a "turnkey" solution, RSA says the software helps security teams investigate cyber threats. More specifically, it provides continuous, high-fidelity threat detection and monitoring without rules, signatures or manual analysis, RSA asserts.

How Can Security Teams Use NetWitness Detect AI?

NetWitness Detect AI helps security teams assess threats at every stage of the attack lifecycle and prioritize critical incidents, RSA indicated.

Security teams can use NetWitness Detect AI to find, prioritize and resolve threats, RSA noted. They can leverage NetWitness Detect AI's cloud-scale processing for behavior analytics and its machine learning to detect and respond to threats without manual oversight.

In addition, security teams can utilize NetWitness Detect AI to speed up incident response, according to RSA. Security teams can leverage NetWitness Detect AI's unsupervised machine learning from the moment it is activated, so they can immediately use it for incident response.

NetWitness Detect AI is now available globally and can be integrated into the NetWitness Platform.

A Closer Look at the NetWitness Platform

The NetWitness Platform lets security teams collect and analyze data across endpoints and computing platforms, RSA said. It adds threat intelligence and business context to this information to help security teams accelerate threat detection and response.

Also, the NetWitness Platform offers a variety of threat detection and response capabilities, including:

  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR): Enables security teams to detect and respond to cyber intrusions that have bypassed preventative controls
  • Log Management: Provides visibility into log data across an organization's IT environment
  • Security Orchestration and Automation: Helps organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their security operations centers (SOCs)

Along with the NetWitness Platform, RSA offers SecureID identity and access management (IAM), Archer integrated risk management and other security products.

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