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SentinelOne Partners with Snyk, Launches Advisory Group

SentinelOne has integrated its Singularity Cloud Workload Security cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) into the Snyk Developer Security Platform.

In addition, SentinelOne has created the PinnacleOne strategic risk analysis and advisory group. The group, according to the company, focuses on "helping today's executives understand the realities of operating in the modern global business landscape."

SentinelOne made both announcements at its inaugural OneCon customer conference, which is taking place in Boca Raton, Florida and runs through November 9.

How SentinelOne and Snyk Enhance Cloud Security

The SentinelOne-Snyk integration lets users correlate cloud runtime threat detections identified by SentinelOne with vulnerabilities found in container images by Snyk, the businesses said. The integration allows cloud security, application security and developer teams to collaborate and address the root cause of these issues.

Future enhancements to the integration will combine SentinelOne's code-to-cloud context with Snyk's vulnerability prioritization and remediation capabilities, the companies indicated. These enhancements will help security teams manage application risks in the cloud.

What PinnacleOne Offers

PinnacleOne will operate as a "think tank for hire," SentinelOne said.

The group will help organizations understand "who's targeting them and what they're after, what their true digital footprint is, how strong their security posture is and what they need to do to live up to their security responsibilities," SentinelOne stated.

Furthermore, executives can utilize PinnacleOne to work with cybersecurity professionals to develop security strategies that they can use to keep pace with evolving industry regulations, SentinelOne indicated.

Cybersecurity Experts Lead PinnacleOne

PinnacleOne is led by cybersecurity experts Chris Krebs and Alex Stamos, both of whom have joined SentinelOne in leadership roles.

Krebs now serves as SentinelOne's chief intelligence and public policy officer and PinnacleOne's president. Previously, Krebs was the inaugural director of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Prior to this role, Krebs led U.S. cybersecurity policy efforts at Microsoft.

Stamos serves as SentinelOne's chief trust officer. He is the founder and director of the Stanford Internet Observatory. Also, Stamos has served as the chief security officer of Facebook and CISO at Yahoo.

SentinelOne Showcases Its Singularity Threat Intelligence Platform

Along with its Snyk integration and PinnacleOne announcements, SentinelOne launched its Singularity Threat Intelligence platform at OneCon. This platform leverages Mandiant threat intelligence to provide security insights.  

SentinelOne has established partnerships with Snyk, Mandiant, N-able and many other cybersecurity and technology providers. It also offers a partner program for MSSPs and other channel vendors.

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