Sequretek Builds MSSP Business Focusing on Global SMB Clients


There’s something different about Sequretek, so the folks at the Mumbai, India-based managed security services provider (MSSP) want you to know — and its rather exciting times for the company.

Focusing its services and solutions on the global small and medium-sized business (SMB) market, the company is riding high on its recent $8 million Series A funding round led by Omidyar Network India.

So, what is it that sets Sequretek apart, MSSP Alert asked the company?

Anand Naik, the company’s co-founder and CEO, asserts that most cybersecurity vendors today “provide point products that cause fragmentation of the customer environment,” thereby complicating security. However, Sequretek consolidates the existing technology landscape to enhance the customer’s security posture, providing end-to-end visibility with unified threat prevention and detection and response capabilities within a single console.

Accordingly, Sequretek banks on its AI-powered Percept Cloud Security Platform (CSP), which includes Percept Extended Detection & Response (XDR), Percept Identity Administration & Governance (IGA), Percept Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Managed Security Services (MSS).

Naik explained that Percept XDR eliminates customers’ need to set up a team or monitor the dashboard. As such, Sequretek’s cyber pros immediately alert the customer regarding any cybersecurity incidents taking place at their organization along with the steps to remediate them.

“SMBs have increasingly become more susceptible to cyberattacks in the post-pandemic world,” said co-founder Pankit Desai. “While more SMBs have realized the need for efficient cybersecurity management, the lack of budget-friendly consolidated solutions and inadequate in-house resources have created a large security gap in the sector. With our consolidated offerings and the backing of our investors, we’re channeling our efforts to increase accessibility and create awareness with integrated cybersecurity management for SMBs.”

Many vendors continue to use legacy technologies, which act as a major roadblock while trying to apply AI meaningfully to solve complex problems, according to Desai. Sequretek’s Percept XDR platform enables the customer to filter out the noise and self-analyze new and complex attack patterns. It then categorizes the threats based on their severity and impact. This also helps the IT teams to focus on responding to the real threats.

Also, Sequretek products have an open and modular architecture that can seamlessly integrate and co-exist with the customer’s existing infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. This allows the customers and partners to consolidate at their pace.

Sound Advice for MSSPs

The need for efficient cybersecurity management highlights the challenge SMBs face due to the lack of budget-friendly solutions and in-house resources, Desai asserts. He suggests that MSSPs should try building their capabilities around the areas to reduce dependency and create new roads for profitability. A few of them can include:

  • Building their own source for threat intelligence
  • Automating the incident response process
  • Developing capabilities around incident remediation in case of a cyberattack

More About Sequretek

Founded in 2013, Sequretek employes nearly 500 people and presently works with more than 150 business customers. Its fresh funding is helping scale the company’s global operations and go-to-market strategies while also driving higher adoption of cybersecurity solutions for businesses in the U.S., India and other markets.

A pure play cybersecurity company with its own tech stack for XDR, EDR and IGA, Sequretek also offers managed detection and response (MDR) services as part of its MSSP offering.

It’s market presence extends to the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions, encompassing the manufacturing, banking, financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, retail and logistics sectors.

Sequretek has been growing with over a 50% CAGR over the past few years. The company envisions accelerated growth as it seeks expansion in the U.S. as well as emphasizing a focused strategy for channel partners.

Jim Masters

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