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SlashNext Delivers Multi-Channel Quishing Protection


SlashNext has released QR Code Phishing Protection, a solution designed to stop QR code phishing (quishing) and other scams distributed via malicious QR codes, according to the company.

QR Code Phishing Protection safeguards users against quishing attacks in email, mobile, web and messaging channels, SlashNext said. It can detect malicious intent in both a QR code and its accompanying message.

How the SlashNext QR Code Phishing Protection Solution Works

QR Code Phishing Protection leverages SlashNext's patent-pending computer vision and a QR code natural language processing (NLP) classifier, the company stated. By doing so, the solution delivers multi-channel quishing protection.

Organizations can use QR Code Phishing Protection to block malicious QR codes in business and personal messaging channels with 99% accuracy. Here are the solution's key features:

  • Text extraction enables users to extract text from the image in the body of an email.
  • Text analysis via a QR phishing NLP classifier can identify malware and other threats from QR codes.
  • Access to NLP and context engine verdicts helps users detect malicious QR codes and avoid false-positives.

More Cybercriminals Are Using QR Codes in Attacks

Cybercriminals have increasingly used quishing and Quick Response Login Jacking (QRLJacking) to launch phishing attacks, SlashNext CEO Patrick Herr said. With quishing, cybercriminals manipulate QR codes to launch phishing attacks. Comparatively, with QRLJacking, cybercriminals exploit the "login with QR code" feature available on many legitimate apps and websites to gain control of victims' accounts.

“The use of QR codes in cyberattacks has grown across all companies from SMBs to large enterprises," Harr said. "With a 50% spike in these types of attacks this quarter, security vendors, MSSPs, MSPs and organizations need technology now that can identify malicious QR codes in email, and all messaging channels including personal email and mobile apps to stop these threats before they experience a costly breach.”

SlashNext is dedicating resources to "continuously observe attack patterns, technology innovations leveraged by cybercriminals and overall trends in the security landscape in order to anticipate and proactively address emerging threats," Herr said.

With QR Code Phishing Protection, organizations can distinguish legitimate QR codes from malicious ones, Herr noted. That way, they can use QR codes for logins and minimize their risk of data breaches.

What MSSPs Need to Know About SlashNext

SlashNext specializes in multi-cloud security. It offers an artificial intelligence-based cloud email security solution and other solutions that utilize generative AI to protect organizations against cyber threats.

MSSPs and other technology providers can join SlashNext's partner program. This enables technology providers to integrate SlashNext's cloud email security solutions into their offerings.  

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