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SonicWall Research: Ransomware, IoT Malware Attacks on the Rise

Global ransomware attack volume rose 40 percent during the third quarter of 2020, according to SonicWall Capture Labs research collected from more than 1 million global security sensors. Ransomware attack volume also grew month over month throughout the quarter.

In addition, 67.3 million Ryuk attacks have been discovered through 3Q20; these attacks represent 34 percent of all ransomware attacks this year, SonicWall noted. Comparatively, 5,123 Ryuk attacks were identified through the first nine months of 2019.

IoT Malware Attacks Increase in 3Q20

Along with a rise in ransomware attack volume, Internet of Things (IoT) malware attack volume increased 30 percent to 32.4 million attacks in 3Q20, SonicWall reported.

Many IoT devices were not designed with security in mind, SonicWall indicated. As such, cybercriminals are increasingly using malware attacks to target IoT devices, and this trend may continue in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led many organizations to provide IoT devices to remote employees, SonicWall noted. However, these organizations must prioritize cybersecurity, so they can protect their employees' IoT devices against malware and other cyber threats.

Malware Attacks Decline in 3Q20

Although IoT malware attacks rose in 3Q20, overall malware attacks fell 39 percent in the quarter, SonicWall noted. This marked the third consecutive quarter in which malware attack volume declined.

Going forward, ransomware, encrypted cyber threats and cyberattacks leveraging non-standard ports will likely remain major problems for global organizations, SonicWall indicated. Cryptojacking, intrusion attempts and IoT malware threats also present many opportunities for cybercriminals.

MSSPs can provide organizations with real-time threat detection and remediation to mitigate cyberattacks and keep pace with emerging cyber threats. Furthermore, they can offer security guidance and support and help organizations optimize their cybersecurity strategies.

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