Cybercriminals this week used ransomware to attack The State University of New York at Erie (SUNY Erie), according to WGRZ. The ransomware attack was discovered yesterday, and SUNY Erie officials shut down servers at three of the school's campus sites after the incident.

SUNY Erie is restricting physical campus access to school security, information technology services (ITS) and maintenance staff until further notice, the school said. It also has been in contact with federal and local officials to investigate the incident.

The SUNY Erie ransomware attack was found Wednesday morning, WGRZ reported. Some SUNY Erie staff computers received a message stating that their devices had been hacked, and they were directed to a third-party website to restore their service.

SUNY Erie's ITS team deactivated portions of the university's network after the ransomware attack was found, WGRZ indicated. It is working with the university's external vendors to restore its servers and reconnect various services to the school's campus community.

University data stored on cloud and non-Windows-based systems have not been impacted, but the extent of the damage caused by the ransomware attack remains unknown, SUNY Erie officials stated. Furthermore, all SUNY Erie computers will be reimaged or scanned for viruses before they are returned to service or provided access to the school's servers.

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