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Tenable Adds AI-Based Identity Security to Exposure Management Platform

Credit: Tenable

Organizations now can use the Tenable Identity Exposure solution to manage their Microsoft Active Directory (AD) security posture across hybrid cloud environments and visualize active threats to their identities.

Identity Exposure provides organizations with vulnerability and asset risk prioritization capabilities that they can use to identify and disrupt attack paths through AD, Tenable said in a prepared statement.

The solution also is fully integrated within the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform and utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide a single view of an organization's user identities and entitlement risks both on premises and in the cloud.

A Closer Look at Tenable's New Identity Exposure Features

Identity Exposure lets organizations view entitlements across their on-premises and cloud AD deployments. Accordingly, Identity Exposure provides "the most accurate assessment of identity risk and unmatched intelligence to help prevent exploited identity exposures," Tenable said. That way, organizations can understand how their identities are being used and look for ways to prevent them from being used for privilege escalation or other attack vectors.

Meanwhile, Identity Exposure gives organizations an identity risk score powered by Tenable's AI and data science engine, the company indicated. An organization can use AI and other models to combine the vulnerability, exposure and identity entitlements of an asset and quantify its risk.

Tenable also has extended Identity Exposure support to protect public and hybrid cloud Azure AD deployments, the company said. Organizations can use Identity Exposure to unify their identities across environments and manage cloud identity risk with indicators of exposure specific to Azure AD.

Nico Popp, Tenable's chief product officer, commented on Identity Exposure's new features and how they help organizations protect against identity threats:

“Access misconfiguration and weak identities are at the heart of ransomware attacks and corporate data breaches. Threat actors are only one identity vulnerability away from breaking into SaaS applications and stealing data. By leveraging modern AI techniques, Tenable can now quickly identify and prioritize identity and entitlement-related problems across AD and Azure AD."

Tenable Offers Generative AI Tools to the Research Community

The Identity Exposure updates come after Tenable in April 2023 made generative AI publicly available to researchers. These tools are designed to "create efficiencies in processes such as reverse engineering, code debugging (and) web app security," Tenable said.

Tenable specializes in exposure management, and approximately 43,000 organizations use its products and solutions to reduce risk, the company said. In addition, Tenable offers a partner program for MSSPs and other technology providers.

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