Property and casualty insurer The Hartford now offers BlackBerry Cylance CylancePROTECT endpoint protection and Terbium Labs digital risk detection via its Cyber Center cyber risk management portal. The BlackBerry Cylance and Terbium Labs offerings help protect The Hartford's customers against cyberattacks and dark web exposures, The Hartford said.

The Hartford's customers can leverage CylancePROTECT as part of a licensing partnership with Verizon, a Top 200 MSSP for 2019. They can use CylancePROTECT's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to detect security threats, block known and unknown malware and manage incident response, The Hartford stated.

Terbium Labs provides dark web scanning that allows The Hartford's customers to detect potential data leaks, The Hartford noted. It also offers third-party data breach exposure insights and a list of an organization's employee accounts most at risk for account takeover, impersonation or phishing.

A Closer Look at The Hartford's Cybersecurity Offerings

The BlackBerry Cylance and Terbium Labs security offerings complement The Hartford's cybersecurity services portfolio, which includes:

  • 24/7 cyber claims hotline.
  • Automated security ratings.
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity attorney.
  • Security awareness training.

Furthermore, The Hartford's Cyber Center educates customers about cybersecurity and teaches them how to limit cyber risk and how to respond to a data breach. The Cyber Center also provides The Hartford's customers with access to cybersecurity resources, tools and information, along with training materials and best practices to help them reduce the risk of a cyber incident.