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Veeam Unveils Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) Model


Veeam has released a zero trust data resilience (ZTDR) model that organizations can use to "reduce the risk of growing data security threats and improve their overall resilience," according to the company.

The model is an extension of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Zero Trust Maturity Model, Veeam said. It applies zero trust principles to data backup and recovery.

Why ZTDR Is Essential for Backup Management Systems

CISA's Zero Trust Maturity Model emphasizes data as one of its five pillars. Meanwhile, the ZTDR model extends the Zero Trust Maturity Model to data backup and recovery, Veeam said.

The ZTDR model encourages organizations to separate their backup management systems and storage tiers into distinct resilience zones, Veeam pointed out. This helps organizations reduce their attack surfaces and limit the potential blast radius from data breaches.

In addition, the ZTDR model promotes the use of immutable backup storage, Veeam indicated. This storage ensures that data cannot be modified, even if an organization suffers a ransomware attack.

ZTDR Principles That MSSPs Need to Know

With its model, Veeam is encouraging organizations to prioritize the following principles relative to data backup and recovery:

  • Least privilege access
  • Immutability
  • System resilience
  • Proactive validation
  • Operational simplicity

Also, Veeam is promoting the use of the ZTDR Maturity Model and ZTDR Reference Architecture from Numberline Security. Organizations can use Numberline's ZTDR Maturity Model and ZTDR Reference Architecture to segment their backup software and backup storage layers to create distinct resilience zones and ensure that their data cannot be modified or deleted, Veeam stated.

Veeam Enhances Its Security, Malware Detection Capabilities

The ZTDR model launch comes after Veeam in October 2023 announced updates to the Veeam Data Platform to help organizations prepare for security incidents and "confront, contain and conquer ransomware," the business said. These updates included:

  • Artificial intelligence-powered malware detection
  • Security & Compliance Analyzer scanning
  • Veeam Threat Center security scoring

Veeam offers data protection and ransomware recovery solutions to more than 450,000 customers around the world. It also provides a partner program and has more than 31,500 active partners.

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