VigiTrust, an integrated risk management solutions provider, has announced a new version of its VigiOne Cyber Security Compliance platform designed for MSSPs.

MSSPs can use VigiOne to build cybersecurity compliance programs for their customers in accordance with HIPAA, PCI DSS and other frameworks, VigiTrust said. That way, they can help their customers comply with cybersecurity requirements.

In addition, VigiOne provides MSSPs with automated project management, task assignment, status tracking and alerting with real-time compliance scoring, VigiTrust noted. It also allows MSSPs to generate reports and review dashboards, so they can help their customers pass cybersecurity audits.

VigiOne lets MSSPs manage compliance for multiple information security and data protection standards and regulations via a single platform, VigiTrust indicated. The platform's features include:

  • Multi-level organizational and user management
  • Security awareness education and training
  • Secure evidence repository

VigiOne empowers MSSPs to align relevant cybersecurity frameworks and standards and automate workflow processes, VigiTrust CEO Mathieu Gorge said. In doing so, it enables MSSPs to show their customers that they are in compliance with the most up-to-date cybersecurity mandates.

Notable Cybersecurity Compliance Acquisitions in 2021

There have been several notable cybersecurity compliance provider acquisitions to date in 2021, including:

Cybersecurity compliance is a top priority for global organizations in financial services, healthcare and other highly regulated industries in 2021. Meanwhile, MSSPs can leverage VigiOne and other compliance solutions to help these organizations keep pace with evolving cybersecurity regulations.