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Endpoint Security Survey: Price Is Top Factor for Most SMB IT Managers


Many small and medium-sized business (SMB) IT managers rank price as their top consideration when they evaluate endpoint security solutions, according to a recent survey conducted by antivirus software company VIPRE.

In the VIPRE survey of 253 SMB IT managers, 53 percent of respondents named price as the deciding factor in their endpoint security purchases, followed by ease of use (47 percent), feature set (41 percent) and support (34 percent).

Also, 71 percent of respondents said they purchased "more basic security as opposed to the advanced protection that they need due to price," according to the survey.

SMB IT Managers Ambivalent About Advanced Security Features

The majority of SMB IT managers are "ambivalent" about advanced security features in endpoint security solutions, the VIPRE survey showed.

Ninety percent of survey respondents said they can afford advanced security features, the survey revealed. However, only 31 percent said they view advanced detection criteria when they select endpoint security solutions.

In addition, 48 percent of respondents indicated their organization does not need advanced malware capabilities, VIPRE stated.

"This is another sign of uncertainty suggests a lack of understanding as to what 'advanced features' means something security vendors should address," VIPRE noted in its survey report.

Are SMB IT Managers Overconfident About Endpoint Security?

Most SMB IT managers are confident in their organization's ability to defend against malware, which is reflected in the following VIPRE survey results:

  • Among larger organizations (351 to 500 employees), 93 percent of respondents stated their current security solutions are adequate in defending their organization against ransomware, zero-day attacks and other cyber threats that often evade traditional antivirus software.
  • 89 percent of all respondents said their current security solutions are adequate.
  • 83 percent indicated they would personally guarantee to their organization's customers that their data will be safe this year.
  • 77 percent indicated they feel they have a strong grasp of security because they have sufficient in-house resources to manage endpoint security and other security solutions.

Although many SMB IT managers are confident about endpoint security, data breaches reign supreme.

Eighty-five percent of survey respondents stated their organization was breached in the past year, VIPRE pointed out, and 88 percent said their organization suffered a data breach in the last two years.

Endpoint Security Education Is Paramount

Focusing on the price of endpoint security solutions may lead SMB IT managers to overlook important features such as advanced malware detection, VIPRE stated. As such, a price-centric approach to endpoint security could put an organization, its brand reputation and its revenues in danger.

Instead, SMB IT managers should emphasize education to identify and address cyber risks and reduce the complexity that is frequently associated with endpoint security solutions, VIPRE said.

"When it comes to endpoint security, it's clear education is needed not just to warn users about the danger but also regarding other aspects," VIPRE noted in its survey report. "If administrators find the solutions too hard to manage, they could make mistakes that cause vulnerabilities – even if they are confident in their ability to defend against malware attacks."

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