Top 100 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2017

Welcome to the Top 100 Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) of 2017. A few items for you:

Top 100 MSSPs for 2017: Companies 100 to 91

100. TechWerxe LLC
Livingston NJ USA

TechWerxe is a leading IT company focused on providing companies with customized solutions for their business. We invest in learning about your business to determine the most effective solutions to enable you to be more productive, cut costs and reduce risk.

99. Sequoia Cyber Solutions Inc.
Castle Rock CO USA

Sequoia Cyber Solutions is the reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable next-generation cyber security services provider that your small business needs. When it comes to Information Technology & Security, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Sequoia Cyber Solutions is a company that is passionate about providing a right-sized technology strategy and engineering approach that is custom-tailored for each organization. The experts at Sequoia intelligently identify and address existing and future requirements in order to provide exceptional data security while working in the cloud effectively and providing extensive wireless capabilities for all of our partners.

98. Barracuda MSP (formerly Intronis)
Chelmsford MA USA

Barracuda MSP (formerly Intronis) is the first and only single-source IT channel provider combining security with backup solutions to proactively and reactively protect business-critical data and operations.

97. Kraft Technology Group
Nashville TN USA

Since 1992, KTG has been providing Computer Services, I.T. Security, Network Support and Managed I.T. Services in the greater Nashville area and beyond. Our mission is to empower small and midsize businesses headquartered in Tennessee to efficiently & securely utilize best of breed technology, so they can focus on reaching and exceeding their strategic goals.

96. AccountabilIT
Scottsdale AZ USA

AccountabilIT is a leader in providing ERP applications management and cloud IT services. AccountabilIT’s Customer First service delivery strategy is instrumental in leading the industry in customer satisfaction as measured by the Net Promoter score.

95. Network Thinking Solutions Inc.
Westlake Village CA USA

NTS provides enterprise server and network management solutions ranging from Linux hosted configurations to Microsoft Windows for the enterprise and small business. NTS uses technology ranging from RedHat, Dell, SonicWall, AppAssure, Linux,Kaseya, VMWare, Parallels and SolarWinds. Founded in 1997, NTS has been providing a one stop shop of solutions nationwide and internationally. NTS also provides hosting based in Los Angeles and actively uses the Amazon AWS infrastructure. This includes Amazon AWS EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, Route53 and others.

94. Electronic and Computer Specialties Inc
Orange CA USA

At Electronic and Computer Specialties we have been providing high technology and connectivity since 1986. We are committed to our customers getting the return on investment that a properly implemented solution can provide. We provide cloud based products and services so that your accounting, phones, data, surveillance video are available at any time, from any place and on any internet connected device.

93. GeekTek
Sherman Oaks CA USA

GeekTek IT Services, Inc., a leading small and mid-sized business technology consulting and managed IT service provider, designs and builds powerful, meaningful IT (Information Technology) and Internet solutions for small and mid-sized businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Focusing on elevating its client’s use of business information technology, GeekTek provides managed IT services, IT outsourcing services, IT consulting and CIO services to its clients.

92. Beyond Computer Solutions
Atlanta GA USA

Beyond Computer Solutions provides the best computer solutions & IT support to Atlanta and the surrounding area.

91. LAN Infotech LLC
Fort Lauderdale FL USA

LAN Infotech was established to make a difference in our South Florida community. We help our clients achieve success and grow their businesses. We do this by providing them just the right technology to make their jobs easier and to help their employees be more productive. We believe that technology should be seamless and second nature.

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