Top 100 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2017

Top 100 MSSPs for 2017: Companies 80 to 71

San Francisco CA USA

Every day BLOKWORX veteran security professionals guard and defend our clients, big and small, against vulnerabilities, attacks and threats around the world. Our managed security services are globally supported by a state of the art PCI compliant security operation center. BLOKWORX pragmatic design, integration and management solutions are scalable, modular components designed to work seamlessly with your company.

79. Netsecuris Inc.
Minneapolis MN USA

Netsecuris was founded in July 2000 to provide information technology solutions and services to businesses in a wide range of markets. Netsecuris’ primary mission is to provide its clients with quality and secure information technology solutions. Netsecuris’ philosophy is business requirements drive technology. Today, Netsecuris is a leading managed information security services provider (MSSP) with an emphasis on delivering services that provide protection to our client’s most valuable asset – data. Netsecuris services are provided across various market segments, small to large-sized organizations with a wide range of information security needs. Netsecuris delivers comprehensive offerings for managing the security of client’s data, networks and systems including information security assessments, network and host threat prevention, security event correlation, regulatory compliance management, and other information security consulting services.

78. DataPath
Duluth GA USA

DataPath leverages 25 years of experience and projects across 40 countries to bring best practices to everything “From Terminals to Teleports and all the Tools In Between.” We focus on remote, distributed or at-risk environments, where reliable communications are a must. This includes government, broadcast, emergency response, and industrial markets.

77. Computer Resources of America
New York NY USA

CRA (Computer Resources of America) is an award-winning provider of IT solutions in NYC. CRA provides services to midsize organizations, government agencies, non-profits and financial services companies. Information technology services include managed information technology, cloud storage solutions, IT consulting and staffing.

76. Base 2
Auckland New Zealand

Base 2 was formed in 2008 with a clear driver – create New Zealand’s number 1 Managed Service Provider, by providing our clients with clear deliverables, zero bill shock and top-notch service levels. We provide best-in-class outsourced IT services, either working alongside or in place of an internal IT manager. We guarantee your uptime, proactively monitor and maintain your business-critical IT systems, and provide top-notch helpdesk support for your users.

75. Xcentric LLC
Alpharetta GA USA

We’re a CPA-specific cloud computing and technology consulting services firm with a passion for helping CPA firms thrive.

74. Xantrion
Oakland CA USA

In 2000, Xantrion was founded by Anne Bisagno and Tom Snyder to bring world-class IT services to midsize organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Forward-thinking solutions, in-depth security expertise, and superior execution have made us one of the top 50 IT service providers.

73. Lair Services
Tampa FL USA

Lair Services specializes in a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses and their owners in Tampa. We are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with high quality service and support. Our unique IT team is incredibly friendly and can help you every step of the way in growing your business. We expertly combine our services in order to provide you with customized help and support so you only get what you need and what you want. Our innovative approach starts with a thorough investigation of what your company needs to succeed so that we can ensure a perfect fit with you and our services.

72. Secuvant
Salt Lake City Utah USA

Secuvant is a leading network security company based in Utah, specializing in creative, customized solutions that meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. We offer a wide range of services, from managed security and virtual CISO consulting to cyber risk advisory and data breach recovery assistance. No matter what your specific security requirements are — or what your comfort level is with IT in general — we will treat your business with the respect and forward-thinking solutions it deserves. We map your cyber security program to the most Secuvant-7 business areas that are relevant to you: Brand & Reputation, Legal Liability, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Compliance, Business Disruption, Cost of Remediation and Safety.

71. NetEnrich
San Jose CA USA

NetEnrich was born from the idea that technology should serve business, and not the other way around. From the very moment of our incorporation, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop new ideas, teams and services that deliver on that promise. We believe that companies can do great things with technology that’s simple, efficient, effective and innovative. And that’s exactly what we provide.

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