Top 100 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2017

Top 100 MSSPs for 2017: Companies 70 to 61

70. EDTS Cyber LLC
Augusta GA USA

EDTS is a full-service technology consulting firm, offering world-class managed I.T. solutions, I.T. security, and advanced technology infrastructure.

69. ManageIT
Tempe AZ USA

ManageIT offers a complete suite of technology solutions and support for businesses to empower them to successfully use technology to meet their business goals and objectives. These include but are not limited to computer and network support, VoIP phone systems, cloud computing and storage, backup and disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions. We frequently work with law offices, engineering and architectural firms, and accounting firms. We also have extensive experience with food, beverage and hospitality establishments, retail operations, and non-profits with 20-200 employees. However, our years of experience means we can provide the highest level of support for any business or organization, that needs reliable I.T. solutions and service in any industry.

68. Fortify 24×7
Point Roberts WA USA

Protecting the viability of our customers businesses. That is what inspires us, drives our work and pushes us to think outside of the box. At Fortify, we empower our team so they can achieve more. We believe we should each find meaning in our work and we ensure employees have the freedom and the reach to help make a difference in the world.

67. Lloyd Group
New York NY USA

Lloyd is a fast growing, fun to work for, technology services firm. Our commitment to our clients is to humanize their technology experience, to free them to build their businesses by taking the headaches out of technology for them. Our commitment to our Lloydians is to ensure that they succeed professionally and personally, which includes a balanced work and personal life. Our benefits are designed to assist you in simplifying your life.

Cumming GA USA

CARVIR INFOSEC was created by highly skilled, local IT guys who noticed that most small business owners don’t understand cyber security – and they shouldn’t need to. These owners’ likely hired a friend or the high school kid down the street to setup a few networked computers and a printer for their business network. The problem is, that left your business vulnerable to a myriad of attacks that could cost you money, or more importantly, your reputation.

65. Choice Solutions LLC
Overland Park KS USA

Choice Solutions is a leading business technology company providing forward-thinking and innovative solutions to clients across the United States. Our elite team of technology specialists connects you to what matters most with revolutionary technologies that transform your company into an agile and digital business helping to advance your initiatives that drive efficiencies, profitability and results. Our corporate office is located in Kansas City with other locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Houston, and Miami.

64. Thinix
Milford IA USA

Thinix was formed to build computers and technology which lowered the costs of computing for users, and which made computers fundamentally better. Focused on building deep technology, Thinix has invented several revolutionary technologies and has a strong presence behind the scenes in cloud services and secure computers deployed in education, hospitality, medical, agricultural, government and military applications. Built on the guiding principles that computers should enable people to work effectively and with the tools available, and should not be a drain of time and resources on the owner. Thinix has built core technologies which enable computers to be stateless, and largely immune to the common problems faced by most users related to spyware, viruses and annoying issues caused by the computer becoming misconfigured.

63. Netswitch Technology Management Inc.
South San Francisco CA USA

Founded in 2,000, Netswitch began life as a managed services company with a specialization in data security. In 2013, we pivoted fully into the cybersecurity space, focusing on active threat detection and turned it into one of the most successful managed security services companies in the world.

62. Infogressive
Lincoln NE USA

At Infogressive, we live and breathe solely cybersecurity. This means we focus on what matters most – providing our clients the protection and support they deserve with our services. Our defense in depth approach gives you a 360-degree platform that makes it easy to worry less about the security of your company’s data and focus more on your business.

61. Abacode
Tampa FL USA

Abacode is a Cybersecurity firm committed to addressing every aspect of the cyber-threat landscape for businesses throughout the world. As an MSSP, we provide guidance and strategic business solutions to clients with our dedicated 24/7 SIEM and SOC solutions. Our unique ecosystem connects entrepreneurs, academia, government agencies, and technology innovators to produce cutting-edge cyber services for businesses in every industry and sector.

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