Top 200 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2019

Top 200 MSSPs for 2019: Companies 20 to 11

20. CenturyLink Managed Security Services
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

After expanding its MSSP services to Asia in 2017, CenturyLink has made relatively low-key progress the past two years. Notable moves include a partnership with Palo Alto for log monitoring.

19. F-Secure
Helsinki, Finland

F-Secure in June 2018 acquired MWR InfoSecurity and its threat hunting platform & managed phishing protection services. Next up, the company launched Rapid Detection & Response endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution for managed service providers (MSPs) and MSSPs.

18. Optiv
Denver, Colorado, USA

Optiv has been extremely busy rounding out its third-party product portfolio with managed and cloud services. Noteworthy moves for 2019 inlude a risk transformation service; cybersecurity as a service; and the Advanced Fusion Center launch to transform SOCs.

17. Cognizant
Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

Cognizant is best known for IT outsourcing and application services, but the company has a major presence in the managed security sector.

16. Accenture
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Accenture is spending $1.5 billion on acquisitions in the current fiscal year. The deals involve digital, cloud and cybersecurity businesses. One example involves buying Deja Vu Security — which provides security design and testing of enterprise software platforms.

15. Wipro
Bangalore, India

Wipro in 2018 invested in application security firm Denim Group. The company is still highly respected, but Wipro also had to deal with a hacker breach in 2019 that may have extended back to 2015 or so.

14. Cipher Security LLC
Miami, Florida, USA

Cipher is the Cybersecurity Division of Prosegur after being acquired in February 2019. Prosegur is a publicly traded company and a global leader in the private security industry with over 175,000 employees in 26 countries on five continents.

13. Verizon Managed Security Services
New York, New York, USA

Verizon extended its well-known MSSP practice to support BlackBerry Cylance in March 2019. Around the same time, Verizon acquired ProtectWise, a provider of cloud-based Network Detection and Response (NDR) cybersecurity services.

12. Infosys
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Infosys is another key company that qualifies both as a Top 200 MSSP as well as a Top 20 MDR provider.

11. BT Security 
Irving, Texas, USA

The company most recently opened a security operations center (SOC) in India to detect, address & resolve global cyberattacks.

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