Top 250 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2020

Top 250 MSSPs for 2020: Companies 110 to 101




110. Choice Solutions, L.L.C.
94 2018: 76
Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Jim left the traditional corporate world behind in 1985 to found Choice Solutions. He wanted to start a company that did the right thing and treated its workers like family. Choice Solutions has done that since its founding, and Jim has used his fifty years of experience in the technology field to ensure that Choice Solutions stays ahead of the game and offers the most innovative technologies and useful services to its clients. Our managed service provider company now serves hundreds of companies across 34 different states.

109. CBM Technology
125 2018: NR
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, USA
CBM Technology can bring your organization’s cybersecurity up to the high standards that larger-sized firms are held to. Our unique mix of services and hands-on approach to working with clients provides you with peace of mind that your business is secure, always. We utilize Defense in Depth Strategy to protect your network from top-down. We leverage Intrusion Prevention Systems to help identify and prevent fast-spreading threats. We
review and provide recommendations for Enhanced Security Practices. And we meet regulatory to discuss and address compliance requirements.

108. Securely Managed LLC (Previously Securely Yours LLC)
117 2018: 87
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
Our offering is designed to work with your network architecture and environment. Whether you have a single data center environment, multi data center environment or a hybrid data center / cloud environment, our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) architecture can handle your environment (the diagram below shows our SIEM architecture). Whether you have an existing SIEM or not, our solution will install the appropriate sensors and collectors in your organization, monitor and analyze your network traffic, and send alerts to you if and when our monitoring centers detects anomalies in your network traffic.

107. Kyber Security
109 2018: 96
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Our services follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) to keep you compliant and prepared for the next big cyber attack. Our Security First philosophy ensures that your organization is protected while your end users are vigilantly supported. We were a recent Inc. 5000 honoree.

106. Rehmann
107 2018: 95
Troy, Michigan, USA
For more than 75 years, Rehmann has provided forward-thinking solutions to our clients. We are obsessed with client success, making it our duty to anticipate our clients’ daily and future needs, while providing them with proactive solutions to meet their goals. Our trustworthy advice, answers and guidance take the stress out of every challenge and change. We’re there when you need us. That’s The Rehmann Experience. To deliver our clients peace of mind, Rehmann deploys a progressive service model that provides client satisfaction and confidence. We offer our clients access to associates from all service lines who are committed to working collaboratively as an everyday business partner to cultivate more ideas, more service and more experience. Rehmann has grown to become one of the largest financial services and advisory firms, with nearly 900 associates in Michigan, Ohio and Florida. We provide a broad suite of services ranging from accounting and assurance, comprehensive technology, accounting and human resource solutions, specialized consulting and wealth management. As a member of Nexia International, a leading worldwide network of accounting firms, we can help our clients do business around the globe.

105. MegaplanIT
100 2018: 92
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
MegaplanIT is a security and compliance firm specializing in over 48 high-level services designed to protect cardholder and other sensitive data, secure in-scope networks, systems, and website applications. Our expert security consultants and QSAs are fully certified and have decades of experience helping businesses like yours stay safe from cyber threats. We build long-term relationships with our customers and provide holistic services to meet all your security and compliance needs.

104. JMARK Business Solutions
104 2018: 94
Springfield, Missouri, USA
JMARK was formed in 1988, and even thirty years ago it was clear that bad technology can decrease collaboration, reduce productivity, decrease morale, and ultimately increase costs and decrease profits. So we have made it our mission to give you the tools to get more things done more efficiently. When you have the right tools and support, you can grow more quickly, with fewer resources. Your employees collaborate better, productivity increases, and employees are happier and more satisfied with their work environment. In turn, this reduces costs and increases profits. And that’s when you begin to maximize business growth speed up the velocity of your business success.

103. SeedSpark
NR 2018: NR
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Our focus is rooted in three strategic areas – Managed Services, Website and Application Development, and Digital Marketing. For over 10 years, we have partnered with clients to increase their competitive advantage. By leveraging the power of technology, our team works with yours to streamline workflows, optimize operations, and revitalize brands. We partner with businesses to spark growth and encourage positive change. By asking the right questions and learning the why behind operational decisions, we create solutions that optimize processes, support business continuity, and promote brand awareness to increase revenue and boost operational effectiveness.

102. Fortify 24×7
105 2018: 89
Point Roberts, Washington, USA
Fortify 24×7 assists companies in making informed business decisions and sustaining operational effectiveness in the design, implementation, and management of their cybersecurity programs. Fortify 24×7’s Cybersecurity Manage program delivers a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and adaptive cybersecurity services which address the entire security landscape. These services include assessment and planning, pen testing and threat hunting, SIEM management and security monitoring, perimeter and endpoint protection, secure cloud networking and incident response.

101. Secuvant
93 2018: 84
West Jordan, Utah, USA
At Secuvant, we have a step-by-step process for assessing cyber risk and implementing strategies to eliminate it with our cyber risk services and exclusive Secuvant Cyber7 method. The first step in developing a proactive security posture for your organization is to perform a comprehensive security gap and risk assessment. A Secuvant security assessment gives you key insights into the overall resilience of your IT infrastructure, who has access, and its ability to protect your sensitive data. From there, we’ll help you make a comprehensive risk management plan using our unique cyberRPM software and process, that improves your organizational vigilance and position you for growth in a way that is responsible and secure. All cybersecurity planning and goals need to be driven by business objectives. After all, Cyber Risk is Business Risk. A cyber breach will impact a company in many ways from Human Resources to Sales and Finance. In addition, business objectives need to be prioritized in order to address them in the most efficient way possible. The Secuvant Cyber7 method helps businesses prioritize business objectives so that the security strategy will align with these goals.

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