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Top 250 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2020

Top 250 MSSPs for 2020: Companies 210 to 201


210. Haven Cyber Technologies
NR 2018: NR
London. UK
Haven Cyber Technologies was set up to achieve the vision created by the founder of C5 Capital – a technology investment firm with focus on high growth cyber security companies – to build the leading pure play cyber security provider in Europe. The founder, management team and strategic partners of C5 Capital are convinced that the fragmented cyber security markets in Europe does not efficiently serve the security needs of organizations. With countless companies offering individual security products and services without support or direction, Haven Cyber Technologies meets this need to guide and invest in the market. Our mission is to support organizations with comprehensive and high-quality cyber security, meeting and exceeding their business goals by helping them protect their IT infrastructure, communication and sensitive data both in the cloud and on site.

209. Computer Resources of America
NR 2018: NR
New York, New York, USA
As one of the New York tri-state area’s leading IT staffing companies, we offer the IT and cloud services NYC knows they can rely on to keep their business running strong. We’ll help you leverage the cloud to its full potential, and cover all of your bases as you navigate strategic tech-focused projects and solutions. Need support with your day-to-day operations? We can manage all of your standard IT operations, and even help you staff an in-house IT team that’s set up to succeed.

208. Cerberus Sentinel
NR 2018: NR
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Cerberus Sentinel is a publicly traded company listed with ticker CISO. We are a nationwide provider of cybersecurity consulting and managed services, with offices and resources all across the US. We specialize in building a security-centric culture for our clients using an education-based approach. To support the ever expanding list of needs from our clients we focus on acquiring top cybersecurity talent who specialize in key areas that compliment the services we offer.

207. Infopercept Consulting
NR 2018: NR
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Infopercept’s Vision and core values revolve around making organization more aware and secure through the core values of Honesty, Transparency and Knowledge, so as to enable them to make better informed decision about their Security Practices & goals. With our synergistic vision to combine, technical expertise and professional experience we aim to further establish our place as a one stop shop for our clients and partners’ cybersecurity and accreditation needs. Our specialized core team comprises of experienced veterans, technical experts & security enthusiasts having good practical experience & continuous knowledge in the Cybersecurity domain, latest trends and Security innovations, ensuring that you always get the best security approach & solution for your specific business needs exactly the way you want it to be.

206. ProCircular
NR 2018: NR
Coralville, Iowa, USA
ProCircular is a cybersecurity and compliance firm providing realistic, actionable and expert guidance to organizations looking to improve their security readiness, meet regulatory commitments, and address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. We serve a variety of industries, including finance, education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, defense contractors, and more.

205. Sentor MSS AB
NR 2018: NR
Stockholm, Sweden
Sentor is a cyber security company that works to protect our socially important digital functions and organizations’ business operations, against current and future cyber threats. By combining expert knowledge, experience and commitment, we help protect an open and accessible flow of information. At the same time, we enable organizations to digitize their operations in a secure manner. Sentor strives to be a security partner rather than a security service provider. Today, we can cover large parts of an organization’s digital security needs with the help of cutting-edge expertise in the areas; managed security , information security and technical IT security. Sentor has been trusted to collaborate with some of the world’s leading companies in various industries. Regardless of size or industry, we have the knowledge and experience to adapt the safety work to your unique conditions.

204 . Atlas Cybersecurity
179 2018: NR
Great Neck, New York, USA
Atlas Cybersecurity’s team brings together decades of experience in cybersecurity. Our team has significant experience from Fortune 500 companies, the Military, and the Intelligence Community. We have spent an unprecedented number of hours protecting some of the most sensitive data and systems in the world and now we are ready to apply that same experience and expertise in defending your networks.

203. IT Hotdesk
156 2018: NR
Aberdeen, UK
We work hard every day to deliver an exceptional proactive IT service that unlocks technology solutions that will truly improve business performance and accelerate growth. We know that a healthy IT system is the backbone of any business, we also understand that people are at the heart of all successful businesses. With this in mind, our combined passion for IT and genuine care for our staff and clients, IT Hotdesk take steps every day to improve our business and yours to become your ultimate IT partner.

202. Warren Averett Technology Group, LLC
188 2018: NR
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Warren Averett’s Risk, Security and Technology Group offers a wide range of solutions to meet your information technology needs. Technology is constantly evolving, and in order to thrive, your business needs to evolve with it. Warren Averett can give you the freedom to focus on your business goals, while we focus on your technology needs. We offer IT services including compliance and assessments, cybersecurity, IT remediation services, business software, system infrastructure and staffing and technical support. Our Technology Group was ranked as one of the top Managed Service Providers (MSP) in the world three years in a row. We provide the support our clients need to keep their business running seamlessly.

201. NaviSec LLC
182 2018: NR
Tampa, Florida, USA
NaviSec is a veteran and minority owned cyber security company with a focus on high quality, right-sized solutions and client relationships. Our team works 24/7 to protect and assist our partners in navigating the unknown waters of cyber security. Founded in 2015 as Sequoia Cyber Solutions, NaviSec has grown from a bootstrap startup to an established player in the cyber security space. Seamless integration, scalability, and customization are critical in our approach to protecting each client’s unique business assets. One-size-fits-all solutions are not in our vocabulary. Partnering with NaviSec empowers your business to make bold decisions with clarity and peace of mind. Each of our three core services can be customized to fit your structure, goals, and regulatory compliance needs. The NaviSec portfolio includes Delta offensive security services, Sentry defensive security services, and the Atlas Security Operations Center (SOC).

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