Top 250 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2020

Top 250 MSSPs for 2020: Companies 170 to 161






170. Locknet – An EO Johnson Company
NR 2018: NR
Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA
Our Locknet team is committed to helping businesses reduce the worry of demanding IT responsibilities by offering a portfolio of state-of-the-art technology products and solutions and assuming the responsibility of day-to-day IT management.

169. CynergisTek
NR 2018: NR
Austin, Texas, USA
CynergisTek provides a large selection of technical testing, assessment, security program development and endpoint security services. Our knowledgeable consultants are primarily focused on the healthcare industry and well-versed in its specific nuances. All of our security services are offered as standalone or customized packages to fit your organization’s needs.

168. Netsecuris LLC
165 2018: NR
Olive Branch, Mississippi, USA
Netsecuris’ origins are in Minnesota and the Midwest when founded in July 2000 to provide information technology solutions and services to businesses in a wide range of markets. Today, Netsecuris is a leading Managed Cyber Defense and Threat Response Provider with an emphasis on delivering services that provide protection to our client’s most valuable asset – data. Netsecuris services are provided across market segments — small to large-sized organizations — with a wide range of cyber security needs. Netsecuris delivers comprehensive offerings for managing the security of its client’s data, networks and systems including cyber security assessments such as network penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, network and host threat prevention, cyber security event correlation, regulatory compliance management, and other cyber security consulting services. Netsecuris’ headquarters and Cyber Security Defense Operations is located in northwest Mississippi (Memphis, TN area). Netsecuris serves customers throughout the United States and Canada.

167. CybrHawk Inc
NR 2018: NR
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
CybrHawk is a leading provider of information-security-driven, risk intelligence solutions, focused solely on protecting clients from cyberattacks. We also pioneered an integrated approach that provides a wide range of cybersecurity solutions for organizations of varying size and complexity. Our solutions enable organizations to define their cyberdefenses to prevent security breaches, detect real-time malicious activity, prioritize and respond quickly to security breaches, and predict emerging threats.

166. Birch Cline Cybersecurity
184 2018: NR
Dallas, Texas, USA
Birch Cline Technologies helps customers to focus on their (1) security posture, (2) cyber best practices and (3) overall protection stance.

165. Cyberstone
113 2018: 73
Albany, New York, USA
IT companies rely on Cyberstone to be an objective third-party security firm to help their clients minimize risk, maximize compliance, and avoid ending up on the 6 o’clock news.

164. Protos Security
NR 2018: NR
Daleville, Virginia, USA
We believe when talented individuals come together, united by a single purpose the result is greater than all the parts. Abandon Mediocrity isn’t just a tagline to put on a brochure; it is at the core of each and every day fueling our relentless innovation and fanatical approach to customer service.

163. DataLink Interactive, Inc.
169 2018: NR
Millersville, Maryland, USA
If the security of your network, and the potential for loss or damage, is keeping you up at night, DataLink has solutions that are right for your organization – at a cost that makes sense.

162. Eurofins Digital Testing
NR 2018: NR
Mechelen, Belgium
The foundation of Eurofins Digital Testing brought several successful digital testing organisations into the Eurofins family. On-going growth has expanded the range of digital testing tools and services offered and also extended our global reach. A dedicated division, Eurofins Cyber Security, helps companies face the landscape of ever-increasing threats.

161. CTG Tech, LLC
149 2018: NR
Arlington, Texas, USA
CTG has provided expert-level, affordable IT services to businesses since 1982. Our mission is to help business Executives leverage technology to secure revenue by reducing risks & keeping a predictable IT Budget. We deliver top-tier technology consulting, support, services, and maintenance using cost-effective approaches that help our clients increase productivity & maximize profitability.


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