Top 250 MSSPs: Managed Security Services Company List and Research for 2021

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70. Adarma
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Adarma work side by side with our FTSE 350 and Enterprise customers to deliver cyber resilience through effective threat management & are one of the largest independent cyber security services companies in the UK. Formed and run by experienced senior security leaders, we know security and how to deliver real value in the real world. We support organisations’ to mitigate risk by minimising an attacker’s opportunity to disrupt their organisation, through a combination of global threat intelligence, expertise and collaboration. And, we drive an integrated view of their threat profile & controls across on-premise, hybrid, multi-cloud and supplier environments to help them protect what matters most while enabling their business to thrive. Our teams are a diverse group of technical experts, security analysts and consultants, all with the same objective and united by the same goal: To help our clients prepare for attack and stand side-by-side with them when it happens, helping make the world a safer place.

69. Cyber Defense Labs
Dallas, Texas, USA
Cyber Defense Labs helps companies build trust and confidence in their information security operations by providing comprehensive cybersecurity services to combat modern-day cyber threats. Through our Cyber Managed Security Services practice, Cyber Defense Labs’ security analysts operate around-the-clock to monitor networks; detect, investigate and respond to threats; identify affected systems and the potential scope of attack; determine and advise on remediation tactics and recommendations; and put forward innovative solutions that will improve security management and visibility for our client partners. We collaborate with our clients as part of a “one team” approach designed to holistically evaluate and address business risk, utilizing big data techniques combined with threat pattern matching, advanced correlation, and innovative technology incorporating behavior analytics to quickly detect and respond to cyber incidents across multiple environments. A dedicated Threat Assessment Manager is assigned to maintain a strong understanding of our client partner’s unique environment and the threats they face while working continuously to align our service to their strategic business goals and actions. Our team remains focused on executing our mission effectively with built-in automated response playbooks and customized case management workflows allowing us to quickly and efficiently respond to threats while integrating into the existing business processes of our client partners.

68. Sirius Computer Solutions
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Sirius Computer Solutions understands the increasing security pressures that challenge today’s enterprises. From the deluge of security alerts, ever-changing compliance processes, and the increasing threat of ransomware, our clients require day-to-day help in advancing their overall security posture. We offer proactive managed services including Managed SIEM, EDR, & MDR, with a focus on continuous engineering and tuning. Sirius Managed Security Services offers 24×7 support and can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in software as a service (SaaS) environments.

67. JLS Technology USA
Newark, New Jersey, USA
For over 12 years, JLS Tech has proven to be a clear leader in providing Effective Data Protection by ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of each client’s confidential information. Whether you’re looking for solutions like PCI, SOX or HIPAA Compliance, network security assessment, email encryption, or secure storage or you’re requiring a more robust and complex security architecture, JLS Tech is the right choice. Our team of highly trained, experienced and certified data security professionals are well-equipped to provide optimum protection for your data – any time, day or night. A Sound Cyber/Information Security Strategy defends against threats to your business by addressing People (including partners/vendors), Processes and Technology. We will work with you and your organization to assess your problems and come up with a plan of action. At JLS Tech we can implement GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) programs in your organization that will help reduce your risk profile considerably.

66. RedLegg
Saint Charles, Illinois, USA
Operating out of Illinois since 2008, RedLegg is a master provider of information security services. RedLegg is a boutique, nimble, old-fashioned customer service company that enjoys the technology battlefield. Knee-deep in the community, RedLegg enjoys crafting solutions designed to find, document, monitor, & eliminate the risks & vulnerabilities unique to your business. RedLegg’s 24×7 Support Engineers are located all over the United States.

65. Hitachi Systems Security Inc
Blainville, Quebec, Canada
Since 1999, our team of Cybersecurity, Compliance and Privacy experts has been helping customers in over 50 countries to secure their critical data and strengthen their cybersecurity posture against security breaches, data leaks and intrusions. Our team is available 24/7 to help our customers make impactful business decisions.

64. METMOX Inc
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
Metmox is the customer’s most trusted partner and integral for their success. We are a strategy-focused organization, operating as one with valued clients and esteemed employees. Metmox designs, builds and operates adaptive security fabric that will enable you to move quickly without compromising security. With a highly certified team working towards perfection, our leaders are dynamic entrepreneurs with principles that underpin our business and guide us in every step towards excellence.

63. SecurityHQ
London, Greater London, UK
SecurityHQ is a Global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that detects, monitors & responds to cyber threats 24/7, to ensure complete visibility and protection. The right combination of tools, skills, people, and processes is essential to manage, detect and defend your environment from all malicious activity proactively and effectively. Our mission is to provide world-class security operations, to empower our clients and partners, to integrate processes seamlessly, and act as an extension of our user’s own teams to address specific risks and challenges and improve security posture.

62. Radar Cyber Security
Vienna, Austria
Radar Cyber Security is the only European supplier of Managed Detection & Response that provides its services based on in-house developed technology. More than 10 years of research and development delivered a comprehensive cybersecurity and IT risk detection platform, specialized on monitoring the IT and OT of market leaders of all sectors, primarily critical infrastructures and public authorities.

61. Presidio
New York, New York, USA
Every CISO dreads that 3 a.m. phone call. Our customers rest easier knowing that their business-critical services are supported by Presidio’s dedicated around-the-clock security operations center and our teams of expert threat analysts. We go beyond monitoring and alerts with the industry’s most comprehensive managed detection and response service (MDR), which automatically detects and mitigates threats before they become emergencies.

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