Top 250 MSSPs: Managed Security Services Company List and Research for 2021

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30. GoSecure
La Jolla, California, USA
GoSecure Titan Managed Detection and Response helps all organizations reduce dwell time by preventing breaches before they happen. GoSecure Titan MDR offers a market-leading portfolio of modular detection and response capabilities, delivered as a cloud service, to protect critical data and assets. GoSecure is the first and only security provider to offer a full spectrum from managed threat hunting to managed incident response and forensics services across the endpoint, network and inbox.

29. Motorola Solutions Inc.
Chicago , Illinois , USA
Motorola Solutions Cybersecurity Services protect and defend public safety organizations, commercial enterprises, critical infrastructure and government organizations that need to ensure mission-critical systems are resilient to cyberattacks and threats. We help our customers educate employees, identify and remediate risks and detect and respond to all types of cybersecurity threats with a complete suite of services that include Advisory Services, Managed Security Services and Cybersecurity Training. Motorola Solutions Managed Security Services provide rapid threat detection and response through our proprietary orchestration and automation platform (ActiveEye). This platform offers embedded threat intelligence, native integrations to leading cloud applications, endpoint security, network security and other security controls, all backed by an expert Security Operations Center (SOC). Motorola Solutions acquired Delta Risk and Lunarline in 2020 to accelerate platform development and growth of our cybersecurity business. Delta Risk launched MSSP services in 2017.

28. Rapid7
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Rapid7’s portfolio of managed services is designed to act as a force multiplier for our customers, providing them the resources, expertise and technology needed to improve their security posture and confidently respond to threats: Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Collaborate with experts to improve your cyber resilience and stay one step ahead of today’s attackers. Rapid7 MDR takes on the burden of 24×7 threat detection, threat hunting, and how to respond so you can spend more time focused on what matters most. Managed Vulnerability Management: Let our experts help you build or improve your vulnerability management program with guided support, threat intelligence insights, and tailored recommendations to help you strengthen your overall security posture and effectively protect your network assets. Managed Application Security: Partner with our application security experts to identify application vulnerabilities with the context you need to effectively prioritize and accelerate your remediation efforts and reduce your application security risk.

27. Proficio
Carlsbad , California , USA
Proficio’s mission is to help our clients reduce the risk of breaches by providing industry-leading managed security services and detecting and responding to attacks, compromises, and policy violations. Proficio also helps our clients maximize the value and effectiveness of their existing cybersecurity products. Our powerful cloud-based threat management platform leverages Machine Learning, Threat Intelligence, the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and automated response capabilities. Operating from a network of global Security Operation Centers (SOCs) in California, North Carolina, Spain, and Singapore, our security experts provide 24/7 security monitoring, investigation, and response and act as an extension of our clients’ IT teams providing them with the peace of mind that their networks are protected around the clock.

26. ISH Tecnologia
Vitoria , Espirito Santo , Brazil
ISH’s focus is to become the standard MSSP model for customers in Latin America. We are Brazil’s largest MSSP. We build secure environments through innovation and ethics.

25. Deepwatch
Denver, Colorado, USA
Deepwatch helps secure the digital economy by protecting and defending enterprise networks, everywhere, every day. Deepwatch leverages its highly automated cloud-based SOC platform backed by a world-class team of experts who monitor, detect, and respond to threats on customers’ digital assets 24/7/365. Deepwatch extends security teams and proactively improves cybersecurity posture via its Squad delivery and proprietary Security Maturity Model. Many of the world’s leading brands rely on deepwatch’s managed detection and response.

24. Nuspire
Commerce, Michigan, USA
At Nuspire, our mission is to make clients fanatically happy through a relentless pursuit of excellence. Achieving our client’s expected outcomes is the norm; exceeding those expectations is in our DNA. We are revolutionizing the cybersecurity experience.

23. Netsurion
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
The cybersecurity solution marketplace is extremely fragmented. At last count, there were over 1,000 cybersecurity vendors in over a dozen different solution categories. This makes it very hard just to make a smart solution purchase decision, let alone deploy it quickly, and leverage it effectively. Netsurion’s managed platform approach of combining our adaptive and scalable technology with our robust team of cybersecurity experts gives customers and IT service providers the ultimate flexibility to adapt and grow while maintaining a secure environment.

22. Wipro
Bangalore, India
Wipro’s Security Management Center identifies operational security risks. It enables a better realization of security investments using a customized dashboard to consolidate overall risk, reliability, compliance, and operations effectiveness.

21. CYDERES (Fishtech Group)
Kansas City , Missouri , USA
CYDERES combines the best of people, process and technology to deliver advanced cybersecurity services. CYDERES is the security-as-a-service solution from Fishtech Group that focuses on Managed Detection and Response and Cloud Detection and Response (CSPM-aaS). CYDERES operates out of dedicated Cyber Defense Centers in Kansas City, MO and Bentonville, AR. CYDERES is the primary MSSP partner for Google’s Enterprise Security business unit (Google Chronicle) and is also a MSSP partner for Microsoft as a founding member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association CYDERES was built to address systemic industry challenges, including a critical lack of skilled security resources, a general shortcoming of cohesion between various point products, and the continued escalation in pace and scope of security breaches.

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