Top 250 MSSPs: Managed Security Services Company List and Research for 2021

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220. Blue Line Technologies
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Blue Line Technologies is Securing America, one small business at a time.

219. Nerds Support Inc.
Miami, Florida, USA
Nerds Support provides Award-Winning Managed IT, Cloud computing, and VoIP phone services to small and medium sized businesses in industries such as Accounting, Logistics, Finance and more. Founded in 2004, we have over a decade of experience working with the top companies in Miami and throughout the country. With a predictable, flat-rate cost, our 24/7 IT Support services eliminate expensive IT repairs.

218. Tactical Intelligence Security Ltd
=Greater Accra, Ghana
Taise is a managed cyber security services company. We protect consumers, businesses and corporations through innovative thinking and an agile workforce.

217. TruAdvantage
Cupertino, California, USA
TruAdvantage is a Bay Area-based, award-winning IT firm that specializes in managed IT, managed Cybersecurity, cloud solutions and strategic IT planning. Our passion is to bring enterprise-level productivity, simplicity, scalability, and security to over 100 small to medium businesses who have chosen us as their IT partner.

216. Ballast Services Inc.
Tampa, Florida, USA
We protect our customers’ users, their data, their customers and even their supply chain. We accomplish that by taking a programmatic approach to security maturity. Avertium is a leading provider of strategic managed security and security consulting services to the mid-to-large enterprise (MLE) and public/private sector. Our team of highly certified security experts serves more than 1200 customers in the healthcare, technology, retail, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing and government contractor sectors. Managed security services customers benefit from 24×7 monitoring at multiple redundant operations centers strategically located across the United States.

215. Certified NETS Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Certified NETS specializes in the expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete security solutions. Security is certainly not something you can “set and forget” – nor is it a series of point solutions that are simply strung together. At CNETS, we believe in a proactive approach to your business’s safety that results in a well designed security architecture that addresses all aspects of security.

214. 1nteger
Endicott, New York, USA
Effective cybersecurity is more than just running tools. It takes a proactive approach with hands-on management. 1nteger Security has the technical expertise and experience to guide your business long-term and continually improve your security posture. The threat landscape is changing – meaning our standards must evolve as well in order to better serve our clients. Targeted attacks, ransomware and advanced social engineering are raising the bar every day. Having a strong defense-in-depth strategy is the answer.

213. OpenText
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Our mission is to provide the latest security services and expertise for a safer, more secure world by finding truth in data. OpenText Security Services help find information no matter where it is buried to effectively conduct investigations, manage risks and respond to incidents. Our focus on Risk and Compliance, Product Readiness, Digital Forensic and Incident Response (DFIR), and Managed Security Services helps organizations become cyber resilient by identifying security risks, optimizing forensic workflows, and keeping systems safe, available, and protected.

212. Netsecuris LLC
Olive Branch, Mississippi, USA
Netsecuris’ business focus is providing cybersecurity protections for critical infrastructure. We think protecting critical infrastructure is one of the most important, if not the topmost task we accomplish. Without cyber-securing critical infrastructure, there would be no electricity to power the rest of the information technology that runs the World. Netsecuris focuses its cyber protections for clients with four essential services — Managed Network Security Monitoring, Extended Cyber Threat Detection and Response, Cyber Threat Hunting, and Cybersecurity Assessments. These essential services are tailored to cyber protect the specialized nature of technology that operates critical infrastructure.

211. Buchanan Technologies
Grapevine, Texas, USA
Our MSSP’s goal and vision is to make Fortune 100 quality cybersecurity accessible to businesses of all sizes. We do this by offering holistic, complete and complex cybersecurity services to our clients — from initial risk consult through to incident response.

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