Top 250 MSSPs List: Managed Security Services Provider Company Research 2022

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30. Optiv
Denver, Colorado, USA
Continually innovate to protect and support clients in threat detection, response, and remediation. Help clients optimize existing security investments and provide services so clients can best utilize those investments for maximum protection. Continually assess, including changes in threat landscape, and make recommendations for continuous improvement.

29. Wipro
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Wipro’s managed security services include advanced cyber defense centers, cybersecurity platforms and managed security infrastructure and operations. Wipro’s Managed Security Services (MSS) differentiates through a global scale augmented by localization and regional presence, where our highly experienced cybersecurity talent pool is backed by strong partnerships and venture investments. Wipro’s Cyber Defense Centers, spread across 16 locations, is powered by cutting edge technology to provide scale and cost competitiveness. We make IT and operational choices that reduce costs and improve efficiency while enhancing security capabilities.

28. Verizon Managed Security Services
Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA

With Verizon Managed Security Services (MSS), you can proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats—helping you improve visibility and reduce risk.

27. CyberProof
Aliso Viejo, California, USA

We’re on a mission to enable complex, global enterprises to achieve their critical business objectives in a digital-first world without the fear of cyberattacks. As these organizations undergo digital transformation, their supporting infrastructure and applications are moving to the cloud—and so too should their cybersecurity operations to improve their security and reduce their risk. Our cloud-native, platform-enabled approach is unique and proven at scale for complex enterprises, enabling them to better understand the risk to their business at any time. Our services combine expert human analysts coupled with a purpose-built platform that facilitates collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement to anticipate, adapt, and respond to cyber threats swiftly and efficiently. Our platform enabled services are designed to reduce complexity, help manage enterprise-scale data volumes, and turn data into actionable insights and response actions.

Orange, California, USA

Often times, the difference between preventing a cyber attack or suffering a crippling loss is simply knowing where to look for the signs of a compromise. Even the most advanced attackers leave traces of their presence so an effective defense must not only be vigilant, but also ever-adaptive in response to changes in attacker tactics. A critical element in this age of constantly evolving threats is a detailed view of an organization’s entire potential attack surface. Log collection solutions and traditional MSSPs are simply outgunned against today’s advanced threat actors as they either lack the data, or the ability to analyze their data in a manner that allows rapid attack detection. This is the reason we started LMNTRIX following the sale of our previous MSSP business to Dimension Data (NTT). Leveraging a combination of cutting-edge technology, leading intelligence, and advanced analytics wielded by professionals with unparalleled expertise, we can detect, validate, investigate, contain and remediate threats that others fail to even identify with greater simplification, speed and accuracy. As a company we stand in defiance of the unwanted human presence within corporate networks by attacking the root of the problem—the adversary’s ability to gain entry and remain undetected. Our real-time hunt operations identify signs of planned and active attacks and take action to neutralize them, forming the basis of our comprehensive Active Defense approach to limiting security exposure. Clients recognize us as a must-have security partner that significantly improves their security posture by detecting and responding to advanced and unknown threats that routinely bypass existing controls. No more dumb alerts or false positives – we deliver measurable risk reduction. LMNTRIX is based on a number of detective, responsive and predictive capabilities that integrate and share information to build a security protection system that is more adaptive and intelligent overall than any one system. It is this constant exchange of intelligence – both between various aspects of the LMNTRIX XDR platform and with the wider cyber security community – that enables LMNTRIX to stay ahead of even the most persistent, well-resourced and skilled attack groups.

25. Kudelski Security
Cheseaux -sur-lausanne, Switzerland

Kudelski Security is an innovative cybersecurity company with one major goal: to disrupt the cybersecurity status quo. We partner with enterprises and public sector institutions at any stage of their cyber journey to develop lean, defensible, measurable programs that align to their business strategy and risk profile. At the core of Kudelski Security’s MSS is an award-winning Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering that provides the expertise, disruptive approach, methodology, and technology to detect and respond faster to current and emerging threats than traditional approaches. We help our clients gain full threat visibility and improve their cyber resilience across on premises IT, cloud, endpoint, and OT/IoT environments – to minimize the risk of loss and improve the speed of recovery.

24. Adarma
Edinburgh, Midlothian, UK

Adarma is the UK’s largest independent cyber threat management company. We deliver trusted and transparent security solutions that protect organizations against an increasingly complex and harmful threat landscape. Founded and led by industry experts, we provide cybersecurity consulting, technology and managed security services tailored to your unique requirements. Day or night we stand by your side, helping detect and respond to threats, protecting the promise of cyber resilience and helping you to build a more sustainable digital future.

23. Proficio
Carlsbad, California, USA

Proficio was founded with the goal of providing world-class cybersecurity services that help organizations reduce the risk of a data breach. We are considered an extension of our clients’ teams, providing 24/7 security monitoring and alerting, threat detection, and response capabilities from our global network of Security Operations Centers (SOCs). To better detect suspicious attacks, compromises, or policy violations within a clients’ environment, we have built a large library of threat detection use cases that includes hundreds of correlation use cases and Machine Learning (ML) threat discovery models, integrated with business context modeling and global threat intelligence. Because every client is unique, we enable clients to either utilize our ProSOC MDR Platform (SIEM / SOAR / XDR) or their own Splunk, Elastic, or MS Sentinel SIEM, and offer a variety of additional security services, including Managed EDR, Managed NGFW, and Risk-Based Vulnerability Management. To give our clients a holistic view of their security posture, all clients receive access to Proficio’s ProView Portal, where they get a complete risk assessment, incident case management, and business intelligence for cybersecurity.

22. Rapid7
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Rapid7’s portfolio of managed services is designed to act as a force multiplier for our customers, providing them the resources, expertise and technology needed to improve their security posture and confidently respond to threats: Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Collaborate with experts to improve your cyber resilience and stay one step ahead of today’s attackers. Rapid7 MDR takes on the burden of 24×7 threat detection, threat hunting, and how to respond so you can spend more time focused on what matters most. Managed Vulnerability Management: Let our experts help you build or improve your vulnerability management program with guided support, threat intelligence insights, and tailored recommendations to help you strengthen your overall security posture and effectively protect your network assets. Managed Application Security: Partner with our application security experts to identify application vulnerabilities with the context you need to effectively prioritize and accelerate your remediation efforts and reduce your application security risk.

21. AKATI Sekurity
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

AKATI Sekurity has always remained committed to developing our MSSP as a cutting edge NEXT-GEN SOC. We focus our efforts toward providing cutting edge services in this area while staying committed towards developing next generation MSSP as Cyber Fusion Centers integrating Managed-XDR, Dark Web Monitoring, Brand Protection, Threat Intelligence, SASE, SOC as a Service, Compliance as a Service and Incident Response as a Service into existing security strategies. AKATI Sekurity has extended its offerings from mid to large-sized customer segments and remain committed to serve these segments. We are currently in our market expansion phase by exploring new geographic locations to serve our customers demands.

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