Top 250 MSSPs List: Managed Security Services Provider Company Research 2022

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220. Cryptogen Nepal
Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

We aim to be the cybersecurity partner by choice for organizations to uplift their cyber hygiene.

219. Virtual IT
London, London, UK

A service derived from our MSP client’s top five security concerns. The MSSP by technology, process and support must adapt to emerging and current threats. Be transparent until a threat is found or growing. Meet ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements. Prove to be operationally of value and return of continuing investment.

218. Securicom IT Solutions
Goodwood, Western Cape, South Africa

Securicom offers managed cybersecurity solutions for your business. We offer Managed Services that are monitored and adjusted accordingly for your users, devices and networks. For businesses that want a more comprehensive approach, we offer a Managed Security solution in which we monitor all the existing technology and request adjustments on your behalf to ensure that the solutions compliment each other and are effective in the security that they provide. Securicom also offers an Extended Detection and Response solution that combines our Managed Security and Services solutions to take care of all your cybersecurity needs.

217. Omega Systems
Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

Omega Systems is a leading managed security service provider (MSSP) to mid-market organizations in the financial services, government, manufacturing, professional services and education industries. Applying our approach for personalized service, Omega’s customer-first solutions are designed to address the growing regulatory, compliance and data processing needs of today’s highly regulated and security-conscious businesses. Our services include: private and public cloud hosting, managed IT services, managed cybersecurity services, 24x7x365 help desk support, network operation center (NOC) and escalation services, disaster recovery and backup, cybersecurity assessment and planning, endpoint detection and response (EDR), vulnerability management, SIEM reporting and alerting, data discovery and classification, IT consulting and project management, and more.

216. M.A. Polce
Rome, New York, USA

M.A. Polce is a managed cybersecurity and information technology (IT) consulting company providing comprehensive and sustainable cybersecurity services. We help small to medium-sized businesses address regulatory compliance requirements through our managed security services, offering SOC, MDR, Incident Response, XDR, and MFA solutions to protect our client’s data in today’s hybrid environments. M.A. Polce is well known for expert consulting and deep technical skills in both cybersecurity and IT, enabling us to provide holistic and secure technology with follow-on managed services. Our headquarters are located in Upstate New York where we provide services to local organizations in many industries including utilities, financial, local government, manufacturing, and education. We focus on building lasting relationships so we can guide our clients in the adoption of secure technology solutions.

215. Trusted Internet
New Boston, New Hampshire, USA

Trusted Internet is a small MSP focused on the SMB market. We install a standardized stack of technology, leading with Fortinet, and then monitor the stack and your network 24×7. If we see something malicious, we stop it. What’s new for Trusted Internet? We’re expanding our product lines and capabilities. For those using other tools, we’ve begun deploying Open XDR (Stellar Cyber) to integrate other tools into our analysis. For Insider Threat or employee monitoring? Trusted Internet now offers Cerebelum deployments for insider threat, harassment, or employee monitoring.

214. SecurIT360
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

SecurIT360 is a full-service cybersecurity consulting firm which was founded in 2009. The founder, David Forrestall (CISSP, CISA), has put together a team of credentialed professionals who are collectively focused on the physics of securing IT. We are proud to be an independent, vendor agnostic, technology company focused on developing programs and systems specifically catered to our clients’ needs. We empower our clients with the advice needed to improve and maintain their security posture and meet regulatory compliance standards.

Singapore, Singapore

Provide People, Process and Technology to improve customers’ visibility of their information infrastructure and thereby applying the right cyber defense strategies.

212. Xact IT Solutions Inc
Marlton, New Jersey, USA

Some IT Firms and MSSPs out there guarantee fast response times, quality service, and proactive support, and they actually deliver on their promises, but here at Xact IT Solutions, we believe that still isn’t good enough. When you partner with Xact IT, we’ll deliver on our promises of outstanding IT support and solutions, but we won’t stop there. We lead with a security-first mindset. Many IT firms struggle to keep themselves and their IT from falling apart. We’ve raised the standards in this industry and are a leading cybersecurity firm as a result. We are one of 30 firms globally to attain the CompTIA Security+ Trustmark, which certifies that we adhere to the NIST cybersecurity framework, the United States Government standards for properly securing computer networks and data.

211. Kyber Security
Trumbull, Connecticut, USA

Our mission is to deliver enterprise grade cyber security and secure support services to the SMB market from a hacker’s point of view. We do this by deploying a secure stack of tools and services into each of our clients which is in alignment with the NIST Cyber Security Framework. This allows us to reduce the attack surface as much as possible, contain threats that do enter the environment, and be prepared to recover quickly from any damage that is done.

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