Top 250 MSSPs List: Managed Security Services Provider Company Research 2022

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190. onShore Security
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Founded in 1991, onShore Security is one of only a handful of managed cybersecurity providers, nationwide, that provide 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of organization-wide, full-telemetry network data. onShore Security offerings fall into three groups: Panoptic Cyberdefense SOC, Managed Security Solutions, and Cybersecurity Leadership. They collect an extensive range of telemetry, including logs from your systems, IDS on your site, cloud-placed sensors, netflow collectors, firewalls, network devices including encrypted payloads, and correlate this data to achieve an end-to-end security view. onShore Security specializes in banks, handling large regional institutions.

189. Infused Innovations
North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA

Strategic advisory and expert professional services with a focus on the Microsoft XDR stack, aligned to a zero trust framework, and delivered through a Microsoft award winning “Secure Intelligent Workplace” model.

188. Birch Cline Cybersecurity
Dallas, Texas, USA

Birch Cline is a Dallas, Texas-based cybersecurity firm that specializes in helping Local Government and Education agencies, as well as mid-market organizations, build and maintain successful cybersecurity programs. Birch Cline delivers managed security services and solutions using a unique process that makes it simple for agencies and organizations to successfully protect sensitive data and defend critical infrastructure while achieving regulatory and compliance requirements.

187. NDSE
North Chesterfield, Virginia, USA

We help our clients realize their full potential through our people, our processes, and our technology.

186. Dataprise
Rockville, Maryland, USA

Dataprise is recognized as the premier strategic managed service and security partner to strategic IT leaders across the United States. Dataprise’s Managed Cybersecurity solutions provide the necessary elements to protect an organization’s IT environment end-to-end. We believe that comprehensive cybersecurity is a necessity for every modern business to protect their information systems, data, and intellectual property. We expertly combine a world-class managed detection and response with a complete cybersecurity program to increase visibility, shut down bad actors quickly, and dramatically improve total security posture. Beyond next-gen cyber technology, our solutions are delivered by an elite security team defending and protecting organizations 24×7 at a fraction of the cost of building the capability in-house. Our security professionals, analysts, and threat hunters are always on and ready to detect, investigate, and remediate any threat, any time.

185. Nclose
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Nclose is a proudly South African cybersecurity specialist that has been securing leading enterprises and building our security portfolio since 2006. Nclose is supported by a team of 80+ engineers, business professionals and cybersecurity experts who work in a culture of openness and collaboration to ensure every client consistently receives excellent and effective cybersecurity services. Our world-class Managed Security Services (MSS) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities becomes an extension of our clients cybersecurity capability, perfectly amalgamating with our client’s operations, culture and capability, to give them a seamless cybersecurity experience.

184. AgileBlue
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

AgileBlue is a SOC|XDR platform that’s proven to detect cyber threats faster and more accurately across an entire digital infrastructure and cloud. We provide 24/7 monitoring, detection and response to identify cyber threats before a breach occurs. Our tech is intelligent and automated, but we take a custom approach for every client we work with, analyzing and detecting exactly what is needed. Our products are 100% cloud-based including advanced machine learning and user behavior analytics backed by our team of cyber experts who are always just a call away.

183. CyFlare
Victor, New York, USA

CyFlare has completely embraced an Open-XDR strategy, focusing on XDR, Managed Endpoint and Risk Management. in 2022 CyFlare launched it’s own SaaS platform called “ONE – Converged Security Platform” that provides interactive cyber security analytics and enables friction-free SOCaaS. ONE will continue to evolve to support over 150 API integrations, scorecarding, and AI driven insights to guide subscribers. CyFlare believes clients should have optionality and never be vendor locked when it comes to their security stack.

182. ProServeIT Corp
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Microsoft Security Solutions, for Azure, Modern Workplace and Dynamics.

181. Inovo InfoSec
Los Angeles, California, USA

The scope of the Inovo InfoSec Inc. (Inovo) Quality Management System covers the conduct of: Managed Information Security, Cybersecurity, Compliance Management, and Security Operations services that help organizations protect their confidential and sensitive information assets, including their intellectual property, regulated information, and information shared with them by their customers, clients, and suppliers. Inovo helps their clients assess and manage IT confidentiality, integrity, and availability risks and threats to their information assets through a service offering including annual, quarterly, and monthly management review procedures, and daily log and threat monitoring. Inovo operates in collaboration with its industry partners, frameworks, and regulatory bodies in order to address industry statutory requirements to help sustain internationally recognized cybersecurity certifications, third-party audits, framework implementation and management, and competency requirements.

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