Top 250 MSSPs List: Managed Security Services Provider Company Research 2022

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180. Icon Information Systems
Umhlanga, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

Our MSSP SOC services offer our clients access to best cybersecurity technologies in the SIEM, EDR/MDR/XDR, and NDR space. We focus on incident response with our teams powered by AI and ML technologies.

179. DataEndure
Santa Clara, California, USA

DataEndure’s Advanced Managed Security Services can help organizations become less reactive and more resilient in an ever-evolving threat landscape without draining IT resources and budget. Our flexible, distributed, multi-layered solutions empower organizations to maintain and improve their security posture in uncertain times. DataEndure offers digital resilience to help organizations not just survive but thrive. We can augment and fortify your existing systems, or we can do all the work of securing your data with our in-depth, multi-layered defense and resiliency offerings. We accelerate time to market, time to identify threats, and time to remediate from months/years to 30 days!

178. Alliant Cybersecurity
Houston, Texas, USA

Our mission is to protect your organization, your assets, and your operations. We’re more than just a cybersecurity provider, we are an extension of your team, offering straightforward solutions to every day cybersecurity challenges especially in the moments that matter most. We create a customized cyber-vigilant environment for your business through our comprehensive consulting, technology, and managed security services.

177. Accent Consulting
Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Accent Consulting’s mission is to live & breathe technology to make businesses smarter, faster and safer. Specializing in cyber security and compliance for SMBs, Accent is committed to providing clients with the highest level of cutting-edge IT support with top-notch customer service. Our dedicated team of certified professionals go above and beyond to ensure that our clients IT infrastructure is protected.

176. Securely Managed
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA

Securely Managed provides MSSP SOC services to our clients 24x7x365. Our services include SIEM, SOCaaS, EDR, MDR, XDR and SOAR solutions. We also provide continuous vulnerability management, patch management, multi-factor authentication and penetration testing for our clients. Our SOC is fully owned by us and the entire SOC is USA based.

175. Networks Group
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

NetWorks Group is an Ethical Hacking and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) with practices in Offensive Security, Defensive Security, Consulting, and Compliance. Founded in 1997, we have over 20 years of experience delivering services that improve security outcomes. Our services are designed to provide our customers with a clear risk-informed understanding of their security, so that they can invest where it matters. Our unique approach to security not only helps our customers stay ahead of cyber criminals but also helps reduce cost and increase efficiency.

174. SUCCESS Computer Consulting
Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA

Our mission is to deliver the best managed technology and security services offerings to small and medium-sized organizations in Minnesota, and to improve our market’s experience with security through the marriage of MSP and MSSP to define the future of how IT should be managed. Our team’s depth of skill and tenure in the market ensure our customers receive the prompt support they need.

173. Blade Technologies
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Blade is a leading IT Professional service provider in the St. Louis area with a mission to ensure your company’s technology remains reliable and secure. We focus on your technology so you can focus on your business. From small businesses to large companies, we provide the tools and solutions you need to be productive and efficient. Learn more about Blade’s founding and our team.

172. DyNet
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

We take our customers’ operation for certain Solutions. We take all security operations of our customers. Our mission is to work together with our customers to lower information security risks, thru an innovative offer of service, consulting and solutions.

171. Vector Choice
Duluth, Georgia, USA

Cybersecurity and Compliance have grown into many more areas than SMBs have typically been able to access. We help clients demonstrate to their cyber security insurance provider they have the tools in place, functioning correctly to make sure claims get paid. Vector Choice helps senior leadership make informed risk decisions around backup and recovery, mobile device management, MFA, and insider threats with monthly reports to keep them informed of their risk exposure. Vector Choice is investing heavily in our client’s ability to make informed, deliberate risk decisions and giving them the ability to demonstrate their cyber readiness to auditors, insurance companies, clients, or investors.

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