Top 250 MSSPs List: Managed Security Services Provider Company Research 2022

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170. Pareto Cyber
Wildwood, Missouri, USA

Pareto Cyber is a MSSP with a focus on Cyber Hygiene, Managed Detection & Response, and Extended Detection & Response. Our services are powered by our platform, Cylemetry. Automated Threat Prevention (Proactive IOC Sharing & Cyber Hygiene) and Remediation are core to our services. The Hygiene analyst provide clients with remediation steps for asset, patch, vulnerability, and account based risks / compliance. Our Cyber Command Center is proactive is pushing intel based indicators, responding/remediating threats. Cylemetry provides actionable reporting (Compliance, Risks, and Threats) and visibility into the actions taken by Pareto analyst.

169. Infopercept Consulting
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

We believe breaches happen because of the gap between attackers’ action and defenders’ response. In all attacks, defenders respond much later than attackers’ action. It is high time that defenders start thinking and acting like attackers. At Infopercept, we provide a much-needed combination of tools (our Invinsense-XDR, Deception and Breach and Attack Simulations tools) and people (Blue Team, Red Team and Purple Team) offerings to our clients makes their cyber security think and act like an attacker. Further Compliance (our Invinsense GSOS and Pink Team) and security culture development are also part of our offering to our clients to make them achieve a high security posture.

168. Cyber Guards
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Small and mid-size organizations do not typically have the staff, the time, or the resources to run an effective cyber security program from top to bottom. Cyber Guards simplifies security by offering a turn key comprehensive program to these companies for about the same cost as one full time cyber security employee. We offer white glove, high touch point Monitoring, Detection, and Response services that include Extended Detection and Response. We bring the full staff and all of the technology needed paired with a strategy to measure and mitigate risk. Cyber security shouldn’t be complicated: Cyber Guards, security made simple.

Larkspur, California, USA

BLOKWORX simplifies security solutions and constantly prevents cyber threats before they become catastrophic events, so MSPs can protect their clients, reduce their risks and have peace of mind with a trusted and proven Security Partner watching their backs. In addition to EDR, XDR, and MDR solutions for monitoring, BLOKWORX focuses on preventing threats before they become actionable events. Of course, we have the capability to alert on and remediate threats if they do become an issue, like the traditional solutions; but we’d prefer to stop threats before they have any opportunity to dwell within your systems. That’s the prevention mindset you need to keep your clients safe.

166. Vivitec
Crestview Hills, Kentucky, USA

Vivitec’s primary mission is supporting businesses in our communities by helping our clients proactively secure, monitor, and manage their IT systems so they can focus on their businesses. We make our clients IT simple, secure, and reliable.

165. Secure Cyber Defense
Moraine, Ohio, USA

The core belief at Secure Cyber Defense is that being “Cyber Aware means being Cyber Prepared”. Our mission is to be the innovative leader in cybersecurity, simplifying the complex with a personal touch. Our commitment is to guide and protect companies from cyber threats, ensuring the safety of their business, employees, and citizens. We are highly specialized experts solely focused on cybersecurity.

164. Quzara
Vienna, Virginia, USA

To meet the security, compliance, and cyber needs of our Federal, Commercial, CMMC, Defense Industrial Base (DIB) customers, Quzara Cybertorch provides trusted highly adaptive cybersecurity offerings including a US citizen only, 24/7/365 managed extended detection & response (MXDR) platform. Quzara Cybertorch is the only FedRAMP HIGH Ready and StateRAMP Ready Platform, which includes integrations for Tenable (Commercial and Federal) and OT/IoT systems.

163. Novawatch
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Novawatch is a sister company of MegaplanIT. Novawatch was formed as a separation from MegaplanIT’s MSSP division and incorporated as a separate company. MegaplanIT will continue to focus on compliance audit, and security consulting services whereas novawatch will focus on MSSP/MDR and Incident Response services Novawatch provides customize 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) services from our state-of-the-art security operation center located in Scottsdale Arizona. Our team is composed of solution experts that will ensure our clients are protected from threats and intruders.

162. Eye Security
Saturnusstraat 60, The Hague, Netherlands

Eye Security builds the future of intelligent cyber risk control with a subscription based Insurtech platform for SMEs in Europe. The combination of essential security measures and 24/7 security operations with next-gen behavioral automations for SME has proven to drastically reduce the risk of an attack and minimize the impact. To remove the risks of cybercrime from the balance sheet completely, Eye Security insures the residual risk for its customers.

161. CyZen
New York, New York, USA

Partner with clients to help them navigate today’s cybersecurity challenges. We help clients determine where they are and where they need to be when it comes to Cybersecurity. Once they get there, we help them maintain their cybersecurity posture.

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