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5 Ransomware Trends all Businesses Should Know

Datto’s State of the Channel Ransomware Report for 2018 reveals at least 5 key statistics that all businesses & MSPs should study. Datto CISO Ryan Weeks explains.

Get Your Customers Prepared During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Amid National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, now is a great time for MSPs to polish up on the latest cybersecurity trends and risk mitigation tactics.

5 Must-Have Solutions for Cyber Protection  

No single product fully addresses cybersecurity. Instead, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) should leverage training and multi-layered security from MSPs. Datto CISO Ryan Weeks explains how.

MSP? 3 Password Security Tips to Share with Your Clients

Follow these three tips with end users to ensure passwords are not the weak link in your cybersecurity plan and associated managed security services, according to Datto CISO Ryan Weeks.

5 Types of Social Engineering Scams to Know

As MSSPs and MSPs offer cybersecurity education programs to customers, they should highlight these five common social engineering scams, according to Datto CISO Ryan Weeks.

The Essential Cybersecurity Checklist

As an MSSP, you know better than anyone else that the best defense against ransomware is a preemptive offense. Here’s how to jumpstart conversations with customers, according to Datto CISO Ryan Weeks.

Protect Your Clients’ Office 365 Data from Ransomware

How can you protect Microsoft Office 365 from ransomware attacks? The answer can be tricky because of the software suite’s collaborative capabilities. But Datto offers these best practices.

3 Ways to Protect Your Clients from Ransomware

A proper ransomware protection strategy requires a three-pronged approach, comprising of education, security and backup. Datto explains the strategy to MSPs and MSSPs.

The Cybersecurity Checklist for SMBs, And MSPs Who Serve Them

To help MSPs educate businesses about ransomware, Datto created an eight-point checklist to share with customers to help ensure critical business data is protected. CISO Ryan Weeks explains.

7 Key Stats: Ransomware in the Channel

Datto’s 2nd annual State of the Channel Ransomware Report reveals these seven trends for MSPs and MSSPs — and plenty more according to CISO Ryan Weeks.