Enabling Secure Collaboration with a Remote Team


The concept of business continuity has always been at the core of Datto’s offering and mindset. Due to current events, we feel it’s our responsibility to provide additional value that allows you to stay proactive, deliver protection, and enable your client’s growing remote workforce in order to remain productive. At this time, managed service providers may also notice a couple challenges when it comes to their clients:

  • MSPs are supporting some clients who must adhere to strict compliance requirements. Doing so while operating remotely may present challenges for both the end user and the MSP. Having tools in place to keep their operations running securely is critical.
  • MSPs need a way to support their clients’ remote work environments while also keeping them safe from ransomware or other external threats, especially at a time where cybercrime is on the rise.
Author: Christopher Henderson, director of information security, Datto
Author: Christopher Henderson, director of information security, Datto

Many businesses are turning to basic file sync and share tools to effectively collaborate remotely during this time. For managed service providers, this can present a data protection challenge. As businesses move their data into new tools to collaborate remotely, MSPs can lose control and oversight of their data, exposing them to considerable risks. Below are some key aspects you should be looking for in your file sync and share tool that we can proudly say Datto Workplace provides, making the tool secure and easy to use for quick remote collaboration.

1. Security:

  • Ensure the tool of your choice can functionally detect infections, quarantine the source, notify an administrator, and easily revert files to a clean state.

2. Sophisticated Admin Controls:

  • Give proper access and controls to the right users, including view, upload, download, and edit with public shares and password protected links.
  • Leverage granular permissions and administration with policy profile capabilities for users and groups.

3. Compliance: Audit Logs and Scheduled Reports:

  • Report on user, project, and device activity and schedule email updates or export reports for a complete view of how data is accessed.

4. Governance: Multi-Tenant Management Portal:

  • Consistently track, monitor, and manage all activity, users, devices and storage in a single pane of glass

5. Controlled Device Enrollment and Remote Wipe for Mobile:

  • In the scenario that an employee leaves an organization, ensure that employees can no longer access business-critical data on their mobile devices.

6. Ease of Use Integrations with Current Workflows:

  • Integration with applications such as O365 and Google Docs to open files directly in and out of an editor and lock, unlock and auto-save between collaborators, enabling real time collaboration without having to change the current workflow.

At Datto, we want to make sure you have the tools and resources needed to keep clients up and running wherever they are working by providing MSPs complete governance of data while enabling secure, seamless collaboration for their clients. Visit our website to learn more about Datto Workplace and how it can benefit your business.

Christopher Henderson is director of information security at Datto Inc. Read more Datto guest blogs here.